Research Paper Guidelines

Research Paper Guidelines When a student is assigned the dubious task of writing a research paper, the instructor making the assignment should provide research paper guidelines as well. This gives the student a map to follow when beginning the paper so he doesn’t go off on a tangent and write a paper incorrectly.

The research paper guidelines will explain to the student how to do the research, create an outline for the paper, what is expected in the first draft and how the instructor wants the supporting research to be documented.

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He will provide dates for turning in different aspects of the paper in order to keep the student on track.

Along with the requirement guidelines, the instructor will hopefully supply formatting procedures. The two most widely used formats are referred to as either MLA (Modern Language Association) or APA (American Psychological Association).

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These two formats will help the student to stay within certain guidelines when writing papers and documenting the research done.

The guidelines include spacing, either single or double, margins parameters, font size and page numbering. It will provide instructions for cover page and abstract formatting. There are times when the instructor will modify the MLA or APA format to comply with his desire to have papers done his specific way.

Be certain to take note of these changes and directions.

One of the main points to watch for is how the research paper guidelines want the documentation to be written. This means using in text quotations, footnotes, endnotes, works cited, reference pages and the all important bibliography. These parts of the research paper are paramount in giving the supporting documentation credit to the person who wrote it initially.

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At no time should a student take recognition for work done by another person. This is called plagiarism and can be the cause for immediate failure.

The main crux of following research paper guidelines is to help the student follow the stipulations made by the instructor. No one goes into a course knowing exactly what is required of him and having a reliable guideline as a road map to perfection will assure the student that if followed, he will come out with a quality grade.

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