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Research Paper Guide From the time a student reaches the age of 12, writing papers become a way of life in education. The student either has great teachers who will provide a strong foundation for writing essays, narratives and research papers or will have access to research paper guides in order to help him stay on track. Doing the research is one thing but putting it into proper form and using the appropriate style and format is entirely different.

Research paper guides help the student understand what is expected of him when he is given a research paper assignment. Often times the teacher will provide their customized guides for the students to use which is extremely helpful.

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If the student needs to find a guide to help him along the way, there are a few things that need to be included in the reference he chooses to use.

The first thing the guide will help the student determine is how to narrow down a topic. Quite often the instructor will assign the topic but on occasion he will allow the student to choose for himself as long as the topic is in the realm of the subject being studied. Once the topic has been chosen, the student is ready to put pen into action.

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The student should refer to the research paper guide to determine exactly how the paper is to be written. This begins with the formulation of the outline and carries right on through to the bibliography. This guide will explain how to format citations according to the recommendations of the MLA (Modern Language Association) or possible one of the other formatting styles depending on what the instructor has requested. There will be instructions on how to footnote and use in text documentation as well.

The instructor should provide exact instructions on how he wants the paper to be written and how the research should be accomplished.

The research paper guide might go so far as to show the student how to use search engines on the world wide web to locate supporting documentation for the paper. It will help the student understand plagiarism and how to avoid falling into that caveat. After the research is done and the paper is ready to be written, the guide will help the student to determine how to quote works cited, how to prepare a reference page and when to place a citation in the bibliography.

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Hopefully the guide will provide samples of all of the above.

If the instructor fails the student by not providing a research paper guide, there are many places to find one that will be instrumental in helping the student to do this assignment. He should be prepared to look for a guide that will help him choose a topic, locate information, develop a thesis statement, create an outline, organize all notes made during the research process, write a first draft, revise and then finally write the final paper. There needs to be full information regarding all citations and how to prepare and format a bibliography.

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