Research Paper Format

Research Paper Format When writing a research paper, there are specific rules and structures to follow. There are many guides published to help students when attempting to write a good research paper. Some teachers, if they are on the ball will provide handouts for different styles of writing, research paper formatting differences and requirements for documentation.

Research papers are a unique animal. Writing a good essay paper can be fun and about a subject that is interesting for the writer. Research papers require hours of doing just that, research.

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It isn’t a paper where the writer can tell a story, or presents an argument but a paper that has to have its central thesis backed up by reams of research and documentation.

There are several parts to a research paper that will withstand the hands of time. Research paper format will repeat itself every time a paper is assigned and if the student can get this down to memory, then it will be make life much easier after receiving one of these assignments.

Title Page Table of Contents Abstract The paper itself with a clear introduction, main body and conclusion Reference Page Bibliography Works Cited Not every paper will require all of these elements, but if the student will familiarize himself with all of these parts, then anything the professor requires should be much easier to grasp.

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Each of these aspects will require a specific research paper format according to the whims of the instructor.

There will be margins to consider along with title page instructions.

Should it be centered or left justified?

What information is to be placed on the title page, and in what order?

Is the paper to be single spaced or double spaced?

What about caps and quotation marks?

How should the pages be numbered?

Are there to be indentations?

What style is to be used? MLA, APA, Harvard or one of the others All of these and more are facets of research paper formatting requirements. Content is not the sole importance of producing a well written research paper. A student will be graded for all of the components of the essay.

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