Research Paper Documentation

Research Paper Documentation When a professor assigns the class the rigorous job of writing a research paper, he will most likely require the students to keep research paper documentation as well. This proves to professor that the student actually did the work and can show a paper trail as it unfolds.

The research paper documentation will begin with jotting ideas or brain traffic down about the particular subject assigned. The student must determine direction at an early stage of the game and so tapping into the possibilities is the first part of the documentation.

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Sometimes the professor will assign a broad topic from which to write. For example, space exploration would be the topic. There are many ways a student can go in doing research about space exploration. Begin to jot down ideas and thoughts about things that might be of interest such as: Manned space exploration Mission to the moon First time man ventured into space Shuttle craft and its importance Once the topic has been narrowed down, it is time to start to document the paper by preparing an outline or roadmap of how the paper shall be written.

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After the outline has been honed to exactly what the paper shall be written about, it is time to buckle down and do the needed research to back up the thesis statement in the outline.

All of this might seem frivolous to the student but showing work done while carrying out the assignment will prove to the professor that the student found sources to give credibility to the research paper. It is at this point that research paper documentation moves to another level.

As resources are tapped and sources used in the paper, the student must give full recognition and credit to the person or source. Simply stated, this is done by using in text documentation, reference pages and the bibliography at the end of the paper. This research paper documentation gives the reader the ability to cross reference where certain ideas, quotes and thoughts originated. Documentation achieves two things for the writer and the reader. It eliminates plagiarism so that the writer is using quotes to support his own ideas but not take credit for someone else’s ideas.

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It also provides all the back up needed to support the thesis of the research paper.

If a student begins as soon as the assignment is made he has a much better chance of completing a quality paper with the proper research paper documentation included. A research paper is not at all like a narrative essay that can be left to the last minute to complete. It takes painstaking hours of reading and documenting each and every supportive statement made to give the research paper its proper dues.

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