Research Paper Bibliography

Research Paper Bibliography One of the most important aspects of a research paper is the bibliography. Of course the research paper itself is the principal document but without the bibliography, no one would know who was responsible for the supporting documentation that backed up the thesis of the research paper.

As different resources are found to quote and back up statements made in the research paper, the writer needs to make note of several different details to be included in the bibliography. This includes the author or authors, date of publication, name of publisher, and the pages from where the quote or idea was extracted.

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Research is normally using sources in books, journals, periodicals and the world wide web.

Professors require specific formats be used when preparing a research paper bibliography. This means that the bibliography needs to have a precise appearance to it and maintain this appearance throughout. The MLA (Modern Language Association) format, which is used in most of the social sciences, requires the bibliography to alphabetize the sources by the surname of the author.

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After the surname comes the first name, publication name, publisher, date of publication followed by pages where the information was found. Of course referencing sources will require a different format. A book would be referenced in a different manner than a periodical and so on.

Every time a student quotes someone or uses another person’s idea, it is imperative that the original person is given credit. Once cited, the reader should be able to refer directly to the bibliography to know who has been quoted and where the citation was found.

The research paper bibliography is in essence a direct link for the reader.

One thing that a student must be careful about doing is citing second hand resources. If he has obtained an idea from another college dissertation, he must use that as his reference, not the bibliography of the college dissertation source.

Plagiarism is a word that a student never wants to hear from any professor at any time during his education. Making certain that all credit is given where credit is due is extremely important when writing a research paper.

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One cannot take credit for someone else’s thought, idea or something in context. Remember, that when writing a research paper, it is not only reasonable that there are many professional ideas that need to back up the research but that the reader must be allowed to know exactly where the support was found. The research paper bibliography gives absolute credence to the main thesis being made. Without it, the paper is not a research paper but an essay full of the writers opinions. Use the bibliography as a tool to take advantage of using other professionals ideas to support your idea.

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