November 08, 2011 in Research paper writing

Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper Abstract As students reach college level, requirements begin to change and become more intense and demanding when it comes to writing research papers. The professor will normally call for a research paper abstract to be included in order for the project to be in completion. Writing an abstract can be as daunting as writing the paper itself and students need to know exactly how to prepare one and present it in an effective and succinct manner.

A research paper abstract is actually a synopsis or summary of what the paper is going to discuss in further detail.

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Normally it is only a paragraph in length (unless the research paper is very extensive) and allows the reader to get an idea of what the research paper is going to express thus allowing him to decide if he wants to read the document or not.

It is important that the student complete the research paper before attempting to write the research paper abstract. Although some students try to do this in reverse, it makes no sense to write a summary about something that has not even been written.

It would be like trying to tell someone about a trip that was taken before actually going on that trip.

The research paper abstract will focus on main points brought out in the actual paper without drawing them out in detail. The thesis might conclude one thing and the reader might be interested in that subject only to find it goes in a direction that is not of any interest.

The research paper abstract will allow the reader to find that out at the beginning before wading through the entire paper only to be disappointed that his interest was not covered.

Quite often when one is doing research for a paper he will find much written about the desired subject. Fortunately, as he delves into the masses of written papers regarding his subject, each should provide a research paper abstract. This in turn allows him to save time by not reading papers that do not cover the important points for which he is looking.

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Consider the research paper abstract to be an essential part of any research paper, especially if it is extremely long and entailed. The abstract will appear at the beginning of the paper either at the front of or on the cover page. It is not an introduction to the paper nor is it a conclusion. Always remember, it is a paragraph of about 200 words that will tell the reader what the paper is about, nothing more, nothing less.

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