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When writing a research essay, there are different parts that need particular attention. The most important part is the thesis statement, a form of paragraph written in a convincing manner. When writing a thesis statement for your paper, make sure it is original and not copied from other people’s thoughts and opinions, as this is where you can begin writing a high quality research essay. You may get ideas from another thesis, but you have to transform it into something different, in terms of application. In general, the thesis statement is the most vital and decisive part of your essay. It does not only give you an overview of what the essay contains or focuses on, but also limits your research work to what is crucial.

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Overall, writing a research paper can be easy once you get accustomed to the process. The first thing to do when writing a research paper is to choose a relevant, significant and familiar topic with multiple available resources. Make sure your topic or subject is not too general, as it will entail too much research if it covers a wide array of related things and events. From this, you can begin writing an outline of your paper, followed by the thesis statement which has been discussed above. The format of the essay depends on which writing or citation style is to be followed. Your professor may instruct you to follow the APA, MLA or Chicago format.

Nevertheless, all essays contain an introduction, which includes the thesis statement, a body which explains the topic and all relevant researches and studies thereon, and a conclusion that is derived from the introduction or thesis statement. A research essay also entails the writer’s personal opinion, in addition to the information he or she has gathered through thorough research. All quoted or extracted information from other writers or papers should be properly referenced or cited with a particular standardized format depending on the writing style that is implemented. These are general guidelines when writing a research paper; but if a student does not have enough time to do these things, is always available online for students who want to buy custom written academic papers.

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