Reflective Essay

How do I write a successful Reflective essay? A Reflective Essay tells the reader about an experience or event that is personal to the writer. The subject however must be something that the writer himself has his own thoughts and feelings about. The main aim of discussing your own experience in Reflective essay, is to show how it relates to society and the world around us. A strong Reflective essay will tell the story of a personal experience in an original way so that the reader sees it in a new light. This will be due to the unique situation and perception that the writer puts forward.

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Writing a Reflective essay Reflective essay must have a very personal tone whilst relating to the philosophies surrounding the subject. You must show your own personality and character throughout the essay to help the reader to understand why you perceive the experience in such a way. A common subject that is used by many students when writing Reflective essay is the question of what love actually is. In such an essay the writer will discuss his own experiences of falling in love as well as discussing literature and social ideologies surrounding it. Questions do not necessarily have to be answered in Reflective essay, simply discussed and explained.

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Outline of a Reflective Essay Below is a brief idea of what Reflective essay should look like, including the rules and facts of what brings success in Reflective essay writing. It is essential to write a number of drafts before handing in your work, as the organization and coherency is vital in achieving a good grade.

Reflective essay structure The structure of Reflective essay is different to a standard essay that you might have written before. Most essays have a definite thesis statement and can come to a clear conclusion. Reflective essay however can have many different open ended possibilities.

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A good structure for Reflective essay:  Begin with a paragraph about the story that you want to discuss. Entice the reader with interesting details and vivid descriptions. The tone should be very personal and the reader should be able to get an idea of who you are and what you opinion is on the matter.  The main section will explain all of the main ideas that you have on the subject. If for example you are writing about love, then you will include the major loves of your life, what you think the definition of love is and other critics views on the phenomenon.  The Reflective essay will end with a concluding paragraph where you bring all of the ideas together and evaluate. Reflect on the subject and what your opinions and views are. Ideas for a Reflective essay You can choose basically any topic to write about as long as it is personal and interesting. Deciding on a topic can be very difficult, so we at are happy to help. You can contact our customer service representatives at any time by phone, email, fax or online chat. Format of a Reflective essay If you need help with your Reflective essay or any other essay for that matter, you can find assistance at Buy your custom essay from us and you will receive the best service that you can find online. Our writers will format the essay in whichever way you like, whether it be Cicago/Turabian, MLA, AMA or APA. They will structure the essay in perfect paragraphs with correct headings, spacing and fonts. The amazingly cheap prices on our site does not mean shabby work, as all of our papers are top quality and written by experts in the field.

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