How to Read News Correctly? Tips for Students

Of course, reading news is not the most important thing to do for an average student. There are loads of other responsibilities, namely studying and having fun with friends. Moreover, news seems to be so boring… Nevertheless, it is your duty to be acquainted with what is going on around you. And the source here really matters. To cut the long story short, gives you recommendations on how to stay much closer to the reality:
  • Study the issue from various sources as not all of them are credible. Do not let only one source be your filter.
  • Look for primary sources, as not always reporter’s interpretation reflects the reality. If there are no links to primary materials, then chose alternative sources of information.
  • Don’t take into consideration reports with phrases “probably” or “likely” as 80% of them are nothing more than rumors and have nothing to do with reality.
  • Stay away from anonymous sources, as they cannot in any way be trusted.
  • Share only verified information. Nowadays you get news via your social network account first, but remember to treat all things you get in your facebook feed critically.
Years ago people used to trust their news as they actually were being told what to believe. Besides, there were few sources of information. Later, witnessing different political intrigues, people learned that news sometimes had nothing to do with a true fact. That is the reason why people should not only follow the things going around, but also understand the processes that determine how the news is reported. The earlier the person learns to treat the information critically the better.
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