Putting up a Good Academic Essay

Good sentence formation forms the basis of any good writing including academic essays. Everyone aspiring to achieve effective results in writing these should start from perfecting the art of writing the sentences correctly, as done by many notable essay writers. Sentences usually have a subject and verb, starting with the capitalised first letter and ending with a suitable punctuation mark to mark the end of the thought. Paragraphs are a chain of sentences having a more organised and a unified pattern of writing. They generally start with a topic sentence that summarises what is there in the paragraph. It unfolds and introduces the subject to the reader. Famous as the ‘hook sentence' to grab the attention of the readers and keeping them engaged and engrossed in it, it should be succinct having fact, opinion, alarming data or the like to absorb readers' interest in it. It is the main controlling thought of the paragraphs and serves many functions. It substantiates the main thesis statement of the essay, unites the thought and content of the section for a more unified reading while informing the readers about the idea discussed in it. Reading through the first few lines in a part gives helps the reader to form a perspective of it and decide whether to read it full or not. Therefore it is always advisable to put the topic sentence in the beginning of the paragraph to let the readers get acquainted with the thought used in the paragraph. However in the absence of some strong and concrete evidence a topic sentence is no more than a mere statement. There is a need to support the main statement with series of various sentences illustrating the point given. These sentences stem from the main idea of the section as given by the focus sentence and could be some fact, examples, and data supporting it. The use and need for support sentences is apparent in case of persuasive essays, in which the writer has to bring forward his point of view on a certain issue and persuade the readers with his stand. Supporting sentences must give opinions besides supplying the audience with the details and information on the topic. Seven to eight sentences supporting the main idea are considered to be enough in case of short essays but when writing the long ones there's no such limit imposed and you may write as much as you want in it. The usual query of people writing these essays is whether the writing will retain its readability even when so much detailing is done and big paragraphs written. The reply to this is positive until the content is written with a clear understanding of the topic, related to the subject and the information provided is interesting and engrossing. Conclusively, whatever has been started must end as well. Writing the closing sentence is a must for every paragraph. Its main purpose is to reemphasize the idea and the thought contained in the paragraph.
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