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The first president of the United States, George Washington, is usually commemorated on the third Monday of February. All federal workers get an official day off and can spend this day together with their families. Even though George Washington was born on February 11, 1731, the date of the holiday is not stable due to the shift of the calendar that moved the day of his birth to February 22. In 1850s, The Congress decided to extend the weekend of the federal workers and made the third Monday of February devoted to the commemoration of George Washington.


Despite the day originally honored George Washington, it is also considered to remember all other presidents. As the 16th American president Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, many Americans wanted the third Monday of February to be not only the day of Washington, but rather Presidents’ Day in general. Even though the Congress has never officially approved this change of name, the majority of American citizens celebrate Presidents’ Day.


Barack Obama is the U. S. president number 44, but only 43 people stayed in the White House. This is because Grover Cleveland was the only one to be chosen for the president office two times not in a row.

The tallest American president was Abraham Lincoln (193 cm), while the smallest one was James Madison, who was 30 cm shorter.

The smallest term for a president to be at rule was 32 days. William Henry Harrison died after spending slightly more than a month in the White House.

Franklin Roosevelt, on the contrary, spent the longest term in office, 12 years. He was chosen for four terms one after another. After his death, the Congress applied the law, which did not allow presidents to apply for the third term.

Talking about marriage, James Buchanan, the 15th president, never had a wife. John Tyler was the first one to get a wife during his ruling in the White House. Grover Cleveland married his wife actually in office and he was also the first one to have a child in the White House.

John Kennedy became the president at 43 that made him the youngest leader, while the oldest one is Donald Trump who got to the rule at his 70.

The highest mountain of North America honors the name after William McKinley. The interesting fact is that the 25th president never was either to Mount McKinley or to Alaska, where the peak is situated. Nowadays, the mountain is also called by its original name, Denali.

The last but not the least fact is related to one of the most spread words in English. Have you ever wondered why the term “okay” is often abbreviated to two big letters OK? It is said that the answer is the eighth American president, Martin Van Buren. He was born in a small town of Kinderhook. During his political career, his advocates enjoyed calling him the politician of “Old Kinderhook” or simply OK.

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