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The way in which we present ourselves is one of the most important and definitive things in life. A bad first impression for example can leave a lasting image on someone forever. People's ideas about someone can alter immensely depending on someone's presentation. Self presentation or impression management is the way in which a person evaluates the image that they put across to the world and how one's behavior can influence people's perceptions of them.

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Depending on the particular person, the amount of effort and time that they put into their public image can vary. This may be due to the individual themselves or the culture, situation or environment that they are in. Some people may be constantly aware of how they are perceived by the world, whereas others may be completely oblivious. Most people are in between the two, and are aware of people's perceptions of them. This self monitoring however is generally only to a moderate level. In many situations, people who are not monitoring their actions or image can become instantly aware of their self perception (Leary & Kowalski, 1990).

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In general if a person has a specific goal that they care about, then they will put more emphasis on their impression. The researchers Pandey and Rastagi (1979) discovered that when there is more competition in the workplace, peoples' awareness of their own self-presentation rises. (Schneider & Turkat, 1975) also found that differences between individuals increases when people need approval. They showed that when people fail, they feel more of a need to self-present to boost their self esteem.

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