Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing can be a real challenge for students. The aim is to convince the readers that one point of view is more feasible or more correct than another. A persuasion essay may even try and sway the reader to take a different stance or action. This argument must be supported by ample evidence and proof from a variety of credible sources. You must give examples such as quotes, statements, statistics and historical facts.

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Follow the steps below and you will have the basis of a good persuasive essay: - Look at the subject in great detail. Every argument that you make in your persuasive essay should be supported by credible and substantial sources. Evidence must come from academic sources and be cited in the correct way.

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- You must have a strong and understandable explanation as to why you chose this subject and have this particular viewpoint. If you are not 100% certain of your standpoint then you will not be able to argue it successfully. - Know your audience. Work out whether the reader of your persuasive essay is more likely going to agree or disagree with your viewpoint. - Have a clear plan. Writing the essay will be a lot easier if you have planned out the order of your statements and evidence beforehand.

Whilst writing a persuasive essay you must be aware of the language spelling and transition sentences. Transition sentences are what make your readers understand what you are writing by making your work flow. Quotes from experts in the field or people surrounding the event or situation are vital in building a strong argument. It is always best if someone else reads through your essay before you hand it in as they may notice mistakes that you have not.

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