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Persuasion Essay

A persuasion essay is focused on proving that one idea is correct over another. This is shown by giving facts, figures and evidence through academic resources and critical analysis. If the reader agrees with the writer's point of view by the end of the essay then the goal of the paper has been reached. In a persuasion essay, you must give plenty of examples to support your argument.

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The planning of a persuasion essay is very important in the road to success. These steps will really help you to structure the essay correctly and to convey the right messages to your reader:  Observe who the readers will be. What are their viewpoints and ideologies? If you are aiming your argument at an audience that will probably disagree with your angle of persuasion then you have a much more challenging task.  After you have chosen your subject, make sure to research it thoroughly. You must provide the reader with substantial evidence to be able to back up your argument and to truly sway their point of view. Resources must be from academic libraries and theories used must have been proven and/or tested.  Make sure that your stance on the subject is sure and clear. You must describe to the reader why you have this opinion and why you chose this topic.  Plan the structure of your essay and make sure that you define each of your points along with the evidence in a concise and clear order.

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To write a successful persuasion essay you must:  Be knowledgeable about the topic that you are researching. Do thorough research and support your ideas with stable, trustworthy sources.  When you write your thesis, make sure that conflicting opinions can be answered. An excellent persuasion essay will raise the counter arguments and explain why they are not true.  Research why people agree with the counter argument. Focus on the weak elements of their arguments and scrutinize their ideas. Go on to explain the weaknesses of your argument also, so that anyone that disagrees will have all of their questions answered before they can even raise them.

 Make sure to cite all of your sources in the correct format of your school, college or university. Give statistics if necessary to add more proof to your argument.  Quotes are an excellent source of proof. Quotes from academics and experts in the field will add to your argument extensively. Provide examples to add to your credibility.

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