Personal Experience Essay

When writing a personal experience essay, you must prepare the main points of what you are going to discuss.

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The aim of a personal experience essay is to convey in detail an experience that you have had. Therefore sometimes a personal experience essay is called a life experience essay. Many students find this task extremely difficult, as emotion and feelings are expected to be put across as well as facts. When you choose the topic for your personal experience essay, you must pick something that means a lot to you. This experience can be small or big, but as long as it made a large impact on your life, it is completely acceptable to write about.

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Due to the personal nature of a personal experience essay, there are certain factors that you need to be aware of before writing: Firstly make sure that the topic you choose is interesting and insightful. Use free and expressive language, however keep the traditional structure of a standard essay. This begins with the introduction, followed by the main body and then ends with a conclusion. This structure makes it easy and clear for the reader, whilst enabling you to organize your thoughts in order.

The most important part of a personal experience essay is to express your emotions and show how your topic of choice influenced you and made you feel. By the end of the paper, the reader should have a grasp of the event through your eyes. Begin the essay with a strong statement about the experience and then go on to describe it in detail. Make sure that the reader can picture the event through precise descriptions and explanations. The reader should be able to relate to your feelings and have an understanding of the impact that the experience had on your life and how it changed you as a person. Give sensory descriptions to make the event more vivid and personal. Explain how the situation looked, felt or smelt. If there were sounds, explain them in detail or if there were tastes describe if they were spicy, sweet, bitter or salty. The small details are key in creating a true sense of the experience for the reader.

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The conclusion of the personal experience essay must tell the reader how your life was affected by the event and what decisions you drew from the situation. Maybe your values or ideologies changed afterwards or even your view on life. A personal experience essay can be very challenging especially if it is your first attempt. can help you to get the best grade possible. You can buy a custom essay online on any topic. Our brilliant customer service department is here to help you every step of the way. You can contact them all the way through the essay writing process by email, phone, fax or even online chat. Do not be fooled by the cheap price, as all of our essays are completely original and written to a professional standard.

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