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Peculiarities of Celebrating Valentine's Day around the World

Valentine's Day is the most romantic and awaited holiday for all the couples around the world. Regardless of the origins of this day, we all consider Valentine’s Day as a day to say soft words to our loved ones and make them feel special once again. Here is a list of countries that are worth mentioning in terms of celebrating the Day of Love, since they have some peculiarities you might want to start implementing with your partner as soon as you get to know them.

  1. France

It goes without saying that Paris is the world capital of love. Couples from around the globe come here to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A world-wide tradition of exchanging letters and cards that claims its origins in France is still widespread on Valentine’s Day in France. Paradoxically, old traditions of celebrating Valentine's Day weren’t as romantic as they are now. The French used to have events called ‘Loterie d’amour’ that were prohibited by the government later on. The point of an event was for singles to pick up a couple. However, if someone didn’t find favor with the partner, they could simply try to find another. Thus, many people were infuriated, and the love spirit of the event vanished for them.

  1. China

Considering modern trends of the 21st century, Chinese also celebrate Valentine's Day. However, they have their own Day of Love, which is celebrated at the beginning of August. This tradition has been passed from generation to generation for centuries. An old ancestral story tells about two starts that were in love and, consequently, got married. Unfortunately, the Goddess of Heaven became furious and separated these two starts by the Milky Way. Therefore, one star on the east side, representing the girl, gets a chance to see the star on the west side, representing the man, only once a year. This day is called the Qixi Festival – Chinese Day of Love.

  1. Italy

The Day of Love in Italy is all about enjoying each other and exchanging gifts called the “baci perugina”. This is a box of small chocolate candies that are accompanied with romantic note translated into four languages. According to an old Italian tradition, the first man a girl meets on Valentine’s Day will surely become her husband.

  1. Argentina

Believe it or not, Argentinians celebrate Valentine's Day for a week. I suppose it is just not possible to do it in one day for such passionate people. In addition to the traditional Day of Love, the inhabitants of the land of Tango have “sweetness week” in July, when they exchange candies and kisses with each other. The only difference from Valentine's Day is that you give presents not only to lovers but also to friends.

Let the love be your life guide. Have an awesome Valentine’s Day. 

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