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As a professional tutor I faced dozens of situations when students could not do anything about their papers. They would spend hours and days and then send me an email message or approach me personally to say that they had not completed their writing assignment. At times I thought that, because many of them were afraid of failed grades, they would find someone to help them with written essay papers. Other times, they would simply copy the knowledge and information they retrieved from their textbooks, turning their essays into a compilation of paraphrases and direct quotations, without any definite logic or structure. In other words, my students lacked creativity and lacked appropriate writing skills. Many of them were foreign students from Asia, and they did not speak English as their first language. Later I learned that they found opportunities to buy essay writing; this is why at times I felt surprised at seeing the quality and perseverance with which their papers were written.

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Everything is different today. The rapid speed of technological advancement makes it easier for students to meet their grades. They simply go online and pay to get their custom written essays on time. Tutors like me choose a different profession and begin helping their students to develop unique writing skills. Today getting prepaid written essay papers is no difficulty. You can find among dozens of professional essay writers and pay to have your essay written. You can easily get essays written for you and no longer care: you no longer care of what other students are overcoming in their way to academic excellence. You no longer care that your peers and friends spend hours and days and even then they fail their grades. As a former tutor, I realize how important it can be for students to get their written essay papers done on time and in accordance with their instructions (these used to be my instructions when I worked in the tutor position).

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Today to buy essay writing means to be more advanced than many other students. Buying custom written essays has become a distinguishing feature of the learning process in the technological world. I do not think that my decision to become a writer is immoral, illegal, or unprofessional. I do not replace students; I simply help them to see how easy it can be to become creative and talented writers. I say that you can pay to have your essay written, but you can also ask professional writers to explain how exactly to engage in a professional writing process.

You can get essays written for you but you can also develop better skills and use these essays only as the basis for developing your own vision of the problem. When you pay to have your written essay papers on time, you certainly displace some of your responsibilities and learning functions and expect that professional writers will become yourself. However, you should also remember that when you pay to have your essay written by professional writers you cannot be sure that they know you perfectly well. You cannot share your life experiences, thoughts and wishes every time you order custom written essays from somebody else, not yourself. This is the situation when the conflicts of interests can occur, as writers cannot always guess your hidden thoughts and desires. They cannot pretend they act or think like you. These are things which are hidden from the public but greatly influence the quality and content of your writing.

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This is why as a tutor I recommend that when you pay to have your essay written for you, you’d better use this essay as the basis not as the work in its end. As a tutor and experienced writer I suggest that this is the best, the most legal and professional way to use papers written online. When you look at the structure and contents of the essays written for you, you can also use them as the desired writing goal. In other words, get essays written for you and use them as the source of knowledge, to develop your writing talents and become the best student in the world!

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