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Five paragraph essays

Five paragraph essays are basic types of essays that are most frequently assigned by teachers and professors when they want students to write about or respond to rather narrow topics. Generally, students will have been given enough information or have enough innate knowledge to create five paragraph essays; however, if any research is required, it is usually a small amount.

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There are several types of five paragraph essays, each with its own purpose, but all are structured in the same fashion – an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Whether the purpose is to tell a story (narration), explain something (exposition), take a position (persuasion), compare and/or contrast, respond to the writings or words of others, describe, or define, the student will be evaluated on very specific criteria. First, is the purpose fulfilled? Second, is the content organized correctly? Third, are there solid transitions from one paragraph to the next? And fourth, are the grammatical structure, language usage and mechanics correct? Additional criteria may include the use of critical and creative thinking, figurative language, and overall ability to hold the reader’s attention, especially with a compelling and attention-grabbing introduction and a solid conclusion.

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Some students are well-trained in the construction of five paragraph essays and have had significant practice since their junior high school years. Others have struggled with them or have had less aggressive teachers when it came to writing in their secondary schools. Still others simply hate to write, for their strengths lie in mathematical and scientific fields. Whatever the reason, many college and university students turn to online writing services, in order to buy five paragraph essays. They look for quick cheap solutions and, in so doing, may be “stung” by an unethical service that sells them pre-sold essays that any plagiarism-detection software can discover.

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