Learn How to Pamper Yourself

Our everyday life is pretty hectic with work and very often we forget about taking care of ourselves. As a result, we become over-stressed and exhausted. QualityEssay.com encourages you to keep in mind and practice simple ways to pamper yourself. Such things will not only help you to meet the challe... ->

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you remember that soon it will be Mother’s Day? It is an excellent opportunity to show gratitude and love for the person who gave you birth and helped to become who you are! Now it is your turn to take care of your mother and pamper her especially on this day. While others buy flowers, Quality... ->

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Top Free Places of Interest in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but a vacation there does not necessarily has to cost a fortune. In fact, every student can afford himself or herself a trip to Paris as there are enough of free attractions so the whole trip can be devoted to them. QualityEssay.com invites y... ->

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How to Endure a College Interview

A college interview is as important as your GPA, so it is advisable to shine during your meeting with your admissions officer. QualityEssay.com wishes you success and lists common college interview mistakes for you to avoid: Do not learn the answers for the questions by heart. If you think that mem... ->

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Wrong Study Techniques

There is a correlation between good grades and the time spent on studying, so if you study all the time with no desirable result, you may be making some of the mentioned below mistakes. QualityEssay.com will help you to find them out: Mistake 1. Overestimation of time spent on studying. If you say ... ->

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How to Get Prepared for the Finals Now?

Every student is afraid of the finals, but even in April it is not late to start the preparation for this terrifying week. QualityEssay.com will give you advice on how to do that successfully: Mapping out your finals. It is obvious that you should know all your due dates before the final week of s... ->

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Group Project: a Chance to Get a Good Mark or a Disaster?

A group project in college may be either a great experience or a nightmare. For those who do everything in the last night before the deadline, it can turn into a big problem. However, if to take it seriously, a group project can lead to a good grade. Moreover, it is able to develop your leadership a... ->

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Ways to Fight Academic Stress

Despite all the multicolor aspects of student life, e.g., friendship, romance, finance and all other numerous things to do, academics must be taken as priority. The thing is that without doing well in classes, all other aspects of student life are impossible. It is rather difficult to combine everyt... ->

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Life Lessons from your First Relationship

There is no denying the fact that first serious relationship has a great impact on all our life. Even if the first love does not last long, the lessons we learn from it determine our future relationships. For already experienced lovers QualityEssay.com lists the lessons that they had to learn from t... ->

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Warning Signs that You are in a Wrong Company

Who you become in life depends greatly on the people in your surrounding. Actually, it is a matter of a chance whom you will meet in your way, but you are to decide whether to allow this or that person influence your life or not. Of course, it is better to surround yourself with those you feel comfo... ->

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Writing Tips for Students

Being a good writer is not the matter of a talent after all. Of course, talent here really matters, but there is one popular quote from the Internet which says: “Hard work beats talent when talent does not work hard”. The thing is not only in the talent itself. Getting to know and using some pra... ->

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Idioms with Interesting Origin

In everyday life we all use dozens of set expressions and idioms that make no literal sense. The etymology of some of them can be guessed, but there are some crazy expressions in the English language, that are hard to understand without knowing their history. Here is the outline of the most interest... ->

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Facts about Human Brain

The brain is a commander of a human body. It controls all our organs. Over years of research and technology evolution, scientists have discovered not so many facts about this muscle inside our skulls. QualityEssay. com is going to feed your brains with those interesting brain facts: The human brain... ->

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How to Read News Correctly? Tips for Students

Of course, reading news is not the most important thing to do for an average student. There are loads of other responsibilities, namely studying and having fun with friends. Moreover, news seems to be so boring… Nevertheless, it is your duty to be acquainted with what is going on around you. And t... ->

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Freelance Writing

Freelance writing at QualityEssay.com! First of all, what is freelance writing? Freelance writing is type of writing job where the writer is not employed for a long term period in a given writing company. This type of job has become increasingly popular especially with the prevalence of the internet... ->

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