Why Not to Become an Early Riser?

The new academic year has begun. New professors, new subjects, probably, new friends, new responsibilities. In case if you are a fresher – the whole life is new! Unfortunately, the day has only 24 hours to cope with every duty of a student’s heavy workload. May be it is time to become an early bird to be able to keep up with everything? QualityEssay is ready to reveal you the benefits of getting up early every morning. Here they are:... ->

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These 4 Steps Will Deprive You of Eye Strain While Working With a Computer

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a student without modern high-tech gadgets, such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Unfortunately, except positive impact, the progress has a negative influence on human-beings as well. Eye strain is one of them. Anyway, there are ways to fight with the problem and QualityEssay is going to teach you how to do it: ... ->

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Learn How to Become the Best Intern Ever

Summer internship is not only a chance to add extra point to your curriculum vitae, but it is also a nice opportunity to get priceless experience in your sphere, which will later benefit for you at your first job.
QualityEssay is going to share with you useful tips on how to become an excellent intern. Here they are: ... ->

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4 Secrets for Mastering the Art of Mind Mapping

What do you do if you do not understand the sentence? – Read it again and again? It might help, but why not to take colored pencils and try to draw a kind of a mind map? It really works! (Mind that mind mapping is useful even in the process of writing your essays). You might think that it won’t work with you as the process of drawing is rather time consuming, but QualityEssay will prove you that this method is very effective and even the fact that you are actually not very good at drawing does not matter:... ->

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4 Steps to Using a Syllabus to the Full

A syllabus outlines the main points of a course of study and is usually given to students at the beginning of the semester. It is very useful and needed source of information, but very often students underestimate its importance and fail to use it in a proper way. QualityEssay.com is going to reveal you some simple hints on how to use a syllabus to your advantage:... ->

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Long-Expected List of Facts College Students Should Be Aware of

College life is a good chance not only to enjoy yourself as a grown up for the first time, but also to get the knowledge and useful experience for the rest of your life. QualityEssay.com is ready to give you some hints on how to make the most of your college years:... ->

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Internship or Summer Job?

Now it is high time for the students who want to get experience and earn some money during their summer break to choose between a summer internship and a summer job. If you are lucky enough to have both offers, which one will you choose? Every college student has his or her own answer, but regardless of your major or the year in school, you should keep in mind pros and cons of every option and weigh everything before making the final choice. QualityEssay.com will reveal you the three questions that can guide you in the process of making the decision: ... ->

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Packing for Cruise Vacation

Summer holidays are ideal for cruise vacations, but it is important to remember that the quality of your rest depends to some extent on the things you are going to put in your suitcase. Packing for a cruise vacation is quite a challenge, especially if it is your first vacation of such kind, but there is no need to worry, as QualityEssay.com is going to share with you the secrets of how to pack for a cruise vacation in a proper way:... ->

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Learn How to Pamper Yourself

Our everyday life is pretty hectic with work and very often we forget about taking care of ourselves. As a result, we become over-stressed and exhausted. QualityEssay.com encourages you to keep in mind and practice simple ways to pamper yourself. Such things will not only help you to meet the challenges of life, but also make you feel better. ... ->

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you remember that soon it will be Mother’s Day? It is an excellent opportunity to show gratitude and love for the person who gave you birth and helped to become who you are! Now it is your turn to take care of your mother and pamper her especially on this day. While others buy flowers, QualityEssay.com advices you to opt for more original and healthy gifts:... ->

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Top Free Places of Interest in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but a vacation there does not necessarily has to cost a fortune. In fact, every student can afford himself or herself a trip to Paris as there are enough of free attractions so the whole trip can be devoted to them. QualityEssay.com invites you to set off for an exciting journey: ... ->

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How to Endure a College Interview

A college interview is as important as your GPA, so it is advisable to shine during your meeting with your admissions officer. QualityEssay.com wishes you success and lists common college interview mistakes for you to avoid:... ->

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Wrong Study Techniques

There is a correlation between good grades and the time spent on studying, so if you study all the time with no desirable result, you may be making some of the mentioned below mistakes. QualityEssay.com will help you to find them out:... ->

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How to Get Prepared for the Finals Now?

Every student is afraid of the finals, but even in April it is not late to start the preparation for this terrifying week. QualityEssay.com will give you advice on how to do that successfully: ... ->

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Group Project: a Chance to Get a Good Mark or a Disaster?

A group project in college may be either a great experience or a nightmare. For those who do everything in the last night before the deadline, it can turn into a big problem. However, if to take it seriously, a group project can lead to a good grade. Moreover, it is able to develop your leadership abilities and check whether you are a good team member. With the following tips offered by QualityEssay.com, a group project is no longer something to be stressed about and hastily throw an all-nighter right before it’s due.... ->

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