Observation essay

The aim of an observation essay is to explain and describe an event as clearly and precisely as possible whilst giving the reader an image of what happened. An observation essay is either about a certain event or time period or an exact subject such as an object, building or person.

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Sensory language is crucial in writing a successful observation essay. If you have chosen a broad topic then you must relay each aspect of the topic clearly and thoroughly. Usually an observation essay is about a particular time period. Your professor may even instruct you to write about your present experiences. In these cases you must plan the structure of the essay beforehand. You can then take notes either in your mind or in a notepad to add into the essay after the event. Make sure not to forget any details of the event, as an observation essay must be detailed and thorough.

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When writing an observation essay, you must analyze everything that you observe. To support these observations, you must record examples. Personal examples from your own life are completely acceptable, and as long as they fit into the theme of the essay, they will help to engage the reader's interest. At Qualityessay.com you can see examples of observation essays for free to get an idea of what you should do. We also provide you with a service like no other. You can buy a custom observation essay online written by our professional and talented writers for an amazingly cheap price. All of our essays are completely checked for plagiarism and our customer service is the best in the business with 24 hour assistance. However difficult your topic is, our writers can provide you with a top quality essay to cater to your exact needs and specifications.

An example of an observation essay could be how milk can be presented to people in such a way that they do not even wonder whether it is healthy and pure enough to drink. The observation essay would then go on to explain how milk is checked before being distributed. This could be followed by a trip to a pasteurization factory where the student could get a clearer idea of how milk is cleaned for human consumption. This trip would add to the essay, and taking notes along the way would enable the student to give a clearer and more specific picture of the subject.

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