Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

The critically important task of nursing is to achieve the highest efficiency and quality of nursing care to the population. To accomplish this difficult task and to improve the professional and social status of nursing, it is necessary to create a scientific knowledge base that forms the basis of professional nursing practice.

Scientific research in nursing is one of the new directions of development in this professional field. Nursing studies and writing a BSN nursing capstone project are essential for improving nursing practice and the quality of medical care. Read the rules of academic writing and capstone project ideas for nursing students.

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The capstone project is a research study aimed at identifying and, possibly, solving a problem. In science, a problem is understood as a controversial situation arising from the discovery of new facts that clearly do not fit into the framework of previous theoretical and practical principles.

The work begins with the formulation of the problem, which contributes to determining the direction in the organization of the study. By posing a problem, the researcher answers the question: “What needs to be learned explored?” These are the criteria that should be used to select a research question in order to implement a nursing research project in your hospital.

  • A large number of patients (at least 1-2 per day) who are assisted in the department and who would be suitable for the study.
  • The data needed to answer the question posed by the study are readily available.
  • A study aimed at resolving this issue can be conducted by a group.
  • The research question is extremely interesting to medical professionals.
  • The study is based on the clinical experience of participating medical professionals.

The extension of the problem implies a justification of the relevance of the study. When formulating it, it is necessary to answer the question: ‘Why this problem should be studied now?” After determining the relevance, it is necessary to determine the object, functions, research process, sources of knowledge, and research team.

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Here is a list of relevant capstone ideas.

  • Methods for assessing pain in postoperative patients.
  • Implementation of nursing care for seriously ill patients.
  • Organization of nursing care for patients with burns.
  • Nursing care for patients with surgical infection.
  • Features of the work of a nurse in the department of blood transfusion.
  • Nursing care for patients with chest trauma.


Good capstone project examples usually contain:

  • title page;
  • introduction;
  • the body of text;
  • conclusions.

Introduction, which justifies the choice of a topic, determined by its relevance to modern practice indicates the degree of elaboration of the problem; formulate the purpose and objectives of the work, the solution of which is necessary to achieve the goal. The introduction describes the object and subject of research, the main working hypothesis and indicates the research methods used. Information and empirical base of research are noted here. It emphasizes the theoretical (scientific) and the practical significance of the study.

The formulation of goals and objectives should be brief, clear, concise, and coherent. It should logically follow from the current situation in science. Having described what and how has already been done by others, it is necessary to say how exactly this work needs to be done.
As usual, the main part of the capstone project is divided into two sections, the section, in turn, is divided into subsections, paragraphs, and subparagraphs, which should be related to each other. Each title should be brief and informative. In each section, an independent aspect (question) of the problem being studied is considered.

The first section is theoretical. In the first section of the research work, as a rule, a literary review of the problem under study is carried out, the terminology is explained, and the essence of the research position is revealed. The second section (of a practical nature) is divided into two main chapters, the first of which is devoted to the presentation of the theoretical and methodological foundations of the study, and the second one is the practical part and may contain tables, figures (graphs, charts, pictures) or other illustrative material. In this part, the hypotheses put forward in the introduction, and the first part of the work are confirmed or refuted. Usually, this is the practical part of the work related to the coverage of the results of the survey. When describing the methods, you should note its name, author, indicators, and criteria, which will be subjected to statistical processing later.

Each paragraph of the practical part of the work ends with the interpretation of the results. The description of the results should be done in stages, regarding the key points of the research. The analysis of the experimental data is completed by conclusions. When writing them, the following rules should be considered:

  • conclusions should be a consequence of this study and do not require additional measurements;
  • conclusions must comply with the objectives;
  • conclusions should be formulated concisely, not have a large amount of digital material;
  • conclusions should not contain well-known truths that do not require evidence.

After collecting statistical information, you will receive a series of tables, the numbers in which reflect the absolute dimensions of the phenomenon being studied and its constituent parts. They characterize the absolute dimensions of the phenomenon as a whole, for example, the population, the total number of tests performed, the number of hospital beds, or outpatient visits.

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