Love Essay

How to Write an Essay About Love First, you need to decide what sort of love you are talking about. If you are assigned this sort of essay in a literary studies course, then it could be about courtly love, romantic love, Platonic love, love and hate, or unrequited love. There are endless variations on the theme: are you discussing a physical relationship or an emotional one? Is there a difference or does one lead to the other? What about the love of a child for a toy or a pet? Or the love between parent and child?

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Your love essay can deal with different definitions of love, different stages of it, or whether or not it is the product of evolution and the physiological processes of the brain. However, no matter what particular topic you choose you will need to plan and structure the essay in accordance with course requirements. It can be useful on such a common theme to take a controversial stance and make a thesis statement that the reader may disagree with.

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The body text of the love essay should not just be composed of your own opinions. Make use of materials you have studied in class, and extra research that will give credible backing to your thesis statement. Each paragraph should begin with the point you want to make, how it is related to the thesis argument and then an analysis of the relevant piece of evidence. Remember that you will be marked according to both style and evidence of critical thought, so make sure your points are acute. To conclude the love essay, demonstrate how the points have proved your thesis statement. Do not make the mistake of just going over whatever you have said already. The essay is your argument, so make it worthwhile. The conclusion is as valuable to an argument as the introduction.

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