The Literary Essay

There are many types of essays depending on the purpose and writing style. The literary essay aims to talk about the writer’s analysis of a given literary piece. It is not as simple as writing a book review. It entails following specific guidelines and instructions, and a particular format to be able to provide a well-written literary essay. One of the few things that should be done when writing the literary essay for a certain subject is to use the present tense, not the past. When quoting or stating anything from a literary piece, it is always right to use the present tense, such as “the man takes his wife to the hospital and brings her food and drinks”, not “the man took his wife to the hospital and brought her food and drinks”. The latter is commonly used when writing a simple book review or telling a story based on a literary writing.

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The literary essay of any literary piece should be written with a third-person viewpoint. Never should a writer utilize the words “you” and “I”. Again, the literary essay is not like telling a story, and is does not involve the writer in the actual document. But in some cases, the second person point of view is allowed, depending on the specific guidelines given by the professor. When an informal literary essay is assigned, these words are often encouraged so as to create an interactive form of writing. Then again, it is always best to use the third person viewpoint rather than the second.

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In writing the literary essay of a book or writing, the writer should not create a summary of the subject. Quite the opposite, it needs to have a thesis statement that will give an overview of the significant aspects of the literary piece being focused on, and discuss further basing on the thesis statement created. On the contrary, even if you are not supposed to give a plain summary of the literary piece that you have chosen as a topic of your literary essay, you should be able to give examples of the elements in the story or plot to give an objective analysis of each one. Each analysis that you incorporate within the essay should be supported by the particular element in the plot that you are pertaining to. This way, your literary essay is presented with credibility and professionalism. Each time you take examples from the literary piece, you are able to prove the validity of your assessment.

Additionally, when citing parts of the literary piece, a professional tone and structure should be used. This may be a little confusing, but once you get used to it, it will help you create a more remarkable piece. Every little detail of the structure of the literary essay you are writing contributes to the overall quality of the document. To create a well-written and well-structured essay, make sure to look into the details of your writing.

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