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Life Lessons from your First Relationship

There is no denying the fact that first serious relationship has a great impact on all our life. Even if the first love does not last long, the lessons we learn from it determine our future relationships. For already experienced lovers lists the lessons that they had to learn from their first love so they could check whether they did not miss any of those. On the contrary, the “freshers”, whose first love is ahead, will benefit from the lessons learning them in advance.
  • Privacy is essential. Of course, if you fall in love, especially for the first time, you would tell everybody on Earth about it. But when the relationship ends, you regret that so many people are involved. That is why it is better to keep even a successful relationship between the two.
  • Friendship strength test. A love affair is always the moment of truth for a friendship. You do not tell everything to your friends anymore. They are no longer number one of your priorities. Finding a balance can be a real challenge. Nevertheless, real friends will stay. Your friendship simply grows up.
  • Crazy in love. The initial stage of passionate and crazy love will not last forever. The “honeymoon phase” is usually followed by more comfortable and slow one, which is normal. It is love, but it is different.
  • Trust can’t be guaranteed. Usually people trust everybody until somebody breaks their heart. You should be aware that sometimes the person whom you truly love can break your heart and it really hurts. Later you will find it is extremely difficult to trust somebody the way you used to.
  • Green eyed monsters are awake. In the beginning of a love story jealousy may seem even romantic as it can be interpreted as a proof of somebody’s insatiable feelings towards you. Nevertheless, later you may find it annoying to realize that your beloved looks through your cell-phone regularly. Beware also of your own green-eyed monsters.
  • Let it go. May be the hardest lesson to learn from your first serious relationship is to realize that once your beloved decides that you are not part of his or her story anymore, it is over. There is no use in trying to change something by force. Anyway, remember that you will recover and soon will open your heart for a new romance.
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