John McCain biography

John McCain was one of the most respected politicians in the United States. He was a true patriot of his state, who directly said what he was thinking. Senator died at age 81. Returning to the Senate after he was diagnosed with brain cancer, John McCain made a remarkable speech that contained everything he believed in and fought for throughout his military and political career. McCain said that the purpose of his life was to help other people. Senator John McCain was known for his directness and ability to ask complex questions.

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John McCain biography is full of events that influenced his life. Unique understanding of the world was formed before his political career began and was largely the result of education and military experience. The politician was son and grandson of the admirals of the American Navy; he was born on the US Naval Base in Panama. McCain adopted the family service tradition in the Navy soon, and after school, he joined the elite Naval Academy in Annapolis. After graduating from it, he served for several years on American aircraft carriers. When the United States intervened in the Vietnam War, McCain asked to give him a combat mission. The future politician has been sent to participate in the bombings of Vietnam. During one of them, in October 1967, his plane was shot down, and McCain was seriously wounded and captured.


He spent five and a half years in captivity, repeatedly subjected to cruel torture. Two years later the senator spent in solitary confinement. After McCain's father became commander-in-chief of the US Pacific Fleet, the North Vietnamese offered to release the future politician ahead of time, but McCain refused. He was released from captivity only in 1973 after the signing of the Paris Treaty on the cessation of the war and the restoration of peace in Vietnam. The Vietnamese experience not only shaped McCain's views on the special role of the United States in the world but also made him a strong supporter of the idea that this particular role should sometimes be paid by blood. McCain, who got many military awards, decided to retire after it became clear that he was unlikely to be able to follow the footsteps of his father and grandfather and get to the rank of admiral (because of the injuries he received in Vietnam). Instead, he decided to try himself in politics.

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In 1983, John McCain elected the House of Representatives from the Republican Party. In November 1986, he was elected to the Senate from Arizona. For a long time, Senator McCain has become one of the leading legislators of his generation in the field of foreign policy and military matters in the Capitol. McCain's leadership addressed a range of problems from the transformation of US-Vietnam relations to helping to create a combat-capable and secured US Army. He was the fundamental figure when the United States tried to determine its role in the world first after the Cold War and then after the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The inclination of a former Senator to ask complex questions and say what he thinks was known not only to Democrats but also colleagues in the Republican Party. For example, McCain, who essentially supported the US military campaign in Iraq, initiated by US President George W. Bush, later criticized it for a number of mistakes.

In 2008, McCain was a US presidential candidate from Republicans but lost the election. According to the biography of John McCain, we can see that he was a strong supporter of NATO and transatlantic relations; many people considered him a significant personality in key foreign policy issues.


He was a father of four sons and three daughters. Two of the sons are the adopted children of the first wife, and one of the daughters is a foster girl from Bangladesh. In 2006, McCain ranked tenth on the list of richest US senators; his fortune was $29 million. The main source of family income was a beer company owned by his wife. McCain has written several books in collaboration with Mark Salter. One of them, the autobiography “Faith of My Fathers: A Family Memoir” published in 1999 became a bestseller.

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John McCain cancer

Senator died on August, 25 after a long struggle with a serious illness; in July 2017, he became aware that he had brain cancer. The tumor was removed, but later the politician decided to stop the treatment due to the fact that the disease progressed tirelessly. John McCain condition was bad. He died the next day after announcing this decision. On 2 September 2018, McCain was buried in the city of Annapolis in the United States in the territory of the Naval Academy, where he studied, the farewell ceremony was also held there.

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