Interview Essay

An interview essay is written once the interview has been conducted. It is intended to record the salient points from the conversation and is useful to:

  • back up candidate selection or rejection
  • summarize the interview for readers
  • learn how to conduct better interviews
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Interview essays are used in the workplace (for example, in Human Resources) as well as in academic fields where it is necessary to gather information directly from people. As the interviewer, it is important to plan the structure, timing and techniques to be used during the whole process. This will help you to get the information you seek, to appear professional, and to make the process as pleasant as possible for you and the interviewee.

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Some types of questions that are effective in most interview sessions are listed below. These types of questions can be used not only to get desired responses, but also to control timing. The interview essay should include the questions and answers, which will be recorded in your notes and/or an audio recording.

  • Closed Questions – elicit a Yes or No, or short-phrase answer. Because they limit the number of possible answers, and keep them factual, these questions keep the interviewer in control. For example: How old are you?
  • Direct Questions – a more limited form of Closed Questions, allowing only a Yes or No. They are useful to confirm an idea you may have about the interviewee, or to force him or her to give a clear, precise answer.
  • Open Questions – allow a number of responses of different length, involving the interviewee’s opinion/experience. These questions hand more control to the interviewee.
  • Non-Verbal Probes – ease transition between interview topics or phases. For example: I’d like to go back to your experience at school…
  • Loaded Questions – meant to provoke a strong reaction from the interviewee. These aim to get an honest response, and usually focus on a key piece of information that reveals something the interviewer suspects but is not sure about.

A good interview essay will demonstrate the writer’s/interviewer’s planning abilities as well as his or her interview technique and editing skills. It should include background information about the person being interviewed, as well as a rationale for discussion of certain points. Buy Professional Interview Essays Online This type of essay can be very difficult to write, as it must be succinct but still give an accurate impression of the person interviewed. In addition, any parts of the session that are not recorded properly cannot be regained. For a reliable interview essay service, use

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