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Internship or Summer Job?

Now it is high time for the students who want to get experience and earn some money during their summer break to choose between a summer internship and a summer job. If you are lucky enough to have both offers, which one will you choose? Every college student has his or her own answer, but regardless of your major or the year in school, you should keep in mind pros and cons of every option and weigh everything before making the final choice. will reveal you the three questions that can guide you in the process of making the decision:
      1. Do you need to earn money? Either full- or part-time summer job will help you to earn money you need for the college education. However, salaries vary as well as working conditions, depending on the location where you work and the employer. If to speak about internships, some of them are paid, many are not. Even if the internship is paid, it will not compensate you the way the job will. However, jobs may be harder to come by.
      2. Do you need a college credit? Despite the fact that internships usually are not paid, some interns are compensated with college credits for their free time. Find out at your school if it is possible to gain academic credit for completing an internship this summer. If it is possible to earn college credits by having an internship, it will be the best choice. On the other hand, if you can get credits from your college for working in your sphere, it would be the ideal variant!
      3. What skills do you want to gain? Sometimes an internship is characterized as a watered-down version of an actual job, where your only responsibilities are doing photocopies and making coffee for the superiors. It is not always true. Actually, it is possible to get the experience being an intern. Yet, a paid job may offer you more professional experience than an internship. It often depends on your specialization and the company you are going to deal with. hopes that this summer you will get the position you wish and will gain the desired experience. Do not forget that we exist to make your student life easier!
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