Informative Essay

What Is an Informative Essay? As its name suggests, the informative essay is meant to provide information about a given topic. Unlike other types of essay, it excludes the writer’s opinion on the subject in question. Some examples include news reports (not editorials), manuals, and observation journals. All of these examples present information or instructions in a logical order so the reader can quickly absorb it. For the same reason, they exclude extraneous information that could confuse the reader.

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Writing an Informative Essay 1. As with all assignments, it is vital to understand what is required of you for this type of essay. Is the topic assigned or do you have to choose one yourself? Is there a certain writing style required? What does the professor want you to prove with the informative essay? 2. Once the topic is chosen, research will be necessary. This can be done – depending on the type of topic – in a library, a lab, or online. 3. A chart or brainstorming session can help set out the most relevant ideas and points discovered during the research time. 4. The structure of the informative essay should be planned carefully in order to keep a streamlined flow of information. Make an outline to give you a visual guide of where to put each point. 5. Writing will take several drafts. The first can be as sketchy as you like, but make sure your citations are placed correctly. 6. Edit and revise the drafts thoroughly. The aim is to convey your findings in a straightforward but meaningful way. Help With Informative Essays

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