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Need Help with an Illustrative Essay? Struggling With Topic Selection? Get Assistance From Professionals at! An illustration essay is unique because it can have any of a number of purposes. When one is attempting to persuade a reader that it is important to begin to save early in life, for example, s/he may then provide three illustrations or examples of how early savings assisted individuals in meeting their financial goals. An illustration essay may have an explanatory purpose as well. If one is attempting to provide easy methods of saving for retirement, for example, s/he may provide three illustrations or examples of strategies that can be utilized to do this. If one is writing an illustration essay to describe animal adaptation to environments, s/he will provide three specific illustrations or examples of such adaptations. The illustration essay, then, can be used for virtually any purpose. It provides compelling “proof” of whatever thesis is set forth in the introduction and allows the conclusion to logically flow from the examples used.

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When setting about to produce an illustration essay, the writer should select a topic and thesis that lends itself to support by examples. In a literature essay, for example, when one is providing a character sketch of a major character, the thesis might be that this individual has strength of conviction. The paragraphs that follow would demonstrate at least three situations within the piece that demonstrated this trait, and it will be important to find the three most compelling illustrations, in order for your essay to be effective. This is a relatively easy task when the student has options for a topic. When the topic is not optional, however, it may become a bit more difficult, and, often, some research may be required.

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If the work is to be lengthy and is to involve research to find a number of illustrations or examples, an outline becomes essential, so that the writer sequences the examples from most to least compelling, often called the “inverted pyramid” technique.

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