Humanities Essay

The academic discipline known as the “Humanities” encompasses virtually any non-scientific and non-mathematical study. Thus, the “humanities” may include the arts, languages, literature, philosophy, religion, and social and cultural history. In any of these courses, a student will face the creation of a humanities essay, which may or may not include research and which may be of any type – expository, responsive, descriptive, comparison/contrast, persuasive, analysis, etc. Most commonly, a humanities essay will require a student to comment in some manner on the ideas, thoughts, or works of others. For example, one may have read Plato’s The Republic in a philosophy course and will then be required to compose a response essay on the “Allegory of the Cave.” This humanities essay will require a thorough understanding of Plato’s analysis of basic human types and the hierarchy he establishes for these types in terms of their value to society. The student may then be asked to compare Plato’s hierarchy to that found in modern society.

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A humanities essay can be difficult, because, in general, it requires higher level thinking skills – analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Students who readily and easily utilize these skills enjoy creating such essays; students who are more based in concrete cognitive skills find them difficult and need professional assistance to produce works that will be competitive with those of more able students in the course.

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