How to Write an Art Analysis Essay

Art has always been part and parcel of our lives. Art is the subject that people will never cease to discuss and adore.
For starters, what is art? People have been mulling over this question for centuries. How can we tell genuine art from a nice poster? Why do we identify both Malevich's "Black Square" and Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" as art and do not do the same for some people's paintings? I think that the things that make these paintings distinguishable are the artists themselves and their objectives. The connection between what the artists intended to achieve and what they achieve through the medium is what identifies art. If at least one individual understands what the artist wanted to convey, then we can surely identify that piece as art. In the case of a masterpiece, it should be understood by a great number of people. According to a popular belief, art is elitist. However, art does not necessarily imply looking at it to understand it and enjoy. Art is what appeals to your eyes. Irrespective of what the artist strives to convey, the most significant thing is how humanity receives it. Art is something that gives a great deal of inspiration, something that takes us to other unknown worlds and helps us to discover the subconscious places we have not been aware of.

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What is the purpose of an art essay?

As a rule, an art essay discusses the art in sculptures, paintings, architecture, etc.
Painting visual pictures: an art essay that displays visual arts and unique ideas that people developed.
Improving creativity: the purpose of art essays is to provide a platform to rekindle students' creativity and convey the beauty of a particular form of art using words.

The type of art: it can be a painting, a sculpture, etc. The type of art matters since it defines what you will write about.
What do you find intriguing in your type of art: Your art essay will basically center around what you want people to know about the piece of art.

Personal interests: If you write about something that you adore, it will be easier to expound on this topic since you are knowledgeable about it.

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Structure of an art essay

The structure of your art essay is fully dependent on your topic. Still, most of art essays have a standard art essay structure.
The Mona Lisa is one of the most recognized masterpieces around the globe. It depicts Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Del Giocondo, and was allegedly painted in the 16th century. Created by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting was purchased by King Francis I. The Mona Lisa is now owned by the French government.

Thesis statement
The Mona Lisa greatly contributed to the art in France:
(i) It is one of the most renowned paintings around the globe. The Mona Lisa is also the most visited painting globally. It is of incalculable value since only one copy of it is on display in the museum.
(ii) It has promoted the development of art all over the world. The Mona Lisa has served as inspiration for such artists as Camille Pissarro, Etienne-Jules Marey, etc.

It is patently evident that the Mona Lisa is a landmark of France. It is pride and joy for the French people who have used it to enhance their lives. Not only did it greatly contribute to art but it also helped France to come to the fore in world art.

Art analysis essay tips

In an art essay introduction, you should indicate the art and the artist. Here you should also state why you feel strongly about the topic. It also includes a history of the art you chose and details, like who the artist is, the year, etc.


  • The thesis statement must not be too complicated since it may confuse the readers.
  • Come up with a statement, which is fully explicit to you.
  • You can also create an art essay draft that will help you to include only relevant information.

Tips on the body
In this part, you need to make an analysis on the grounds of your point of view. Explain why this piece of art is interesting to you. Remember that you should back up your opinion with an angle you have not mentioned before. For instance, you can center on the strokes of a portrait.
Your essay must not be too lengthy. You should also take care of your sentence construction. Thus, it makes sense to organize your points into paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph covers a different angle and is relevant to your topic.
The transition from one paragraph to another should be well done as well. Do not resort to cliché transitions since they are too trite. Try to think out of the box.

Tips on conclusion writing
In your conclusion, you should display your opinion. How you think the artist felt and what prompted him/her to paint it the way they did. To write a good conclusion, you need to conduct painstaking research into the background of both the art and the artist(s).Therefore, the references and sources of the information are required to be cited.

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Advice for writers

The most significant part of your art essay is research. Choose a topic that is interesting for you, for instance, being a musician, you can write about performing arts and music. Under no circumstances, should you resort to plagiarism. Cite and state all sources.
Having done your analysis essay, you should proofread and edit it thoroughly. It will help you to spot grammatical errors and correct them. Additionally, it will ensure that the art essay outlining is appropriate, your sentence construction is well done and the language corresponds to the format. After that, make sure that you stick to the required format, whether it APA, MLA or Chicago.

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