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How to Write an Argumentative Essay

What Is an Argumentative Essay

Writing an argumentative essay is a task that students have to cope with quite often. It is necessary to understand the essence of this type of paper. Argumentative essay, based on logically aligned facts, seeks to convince the reader to agree with some opinion, to perform some action, or to do both. The authors of the argumentative essay achieve their goal by the rational influence, based on the opinions of authorities, statistical data, emotional and ethical impacts.

Recently, this is the most popular form of texts, which is common in various professional fields. In order to broaden your writing skills, you need to explore a few argumentative essay examples. That way you can explore what the correct structure and style of your paper should be.

Work on the essay is one of the important ways to develop a functional literacy of students, including writing skills. It allows you to develop both cognitive (the ability to put forward an assumption, express your idea or assessment, analyze information) and language skills (the ability to formulate a thought and structure it using language at the level of the sentence, paragraph, and text). Creating an argumentative essay is a way to generate your own original thoughts, to substantiate and prove your point of view, using information sources at your discretion, to structure oral and written speech; to express thoughts coherently, clearly, and consistently.

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Develop Your Writing Skills

In order to learn how to create successful papers, you need to sharpen your writing skills. This means that you must learn to understand a given topic or find your own, determine its content and scope, its boundaries, and stick to the topic at all stages of preparing and designing your essay. The writer should be approached to the material, to the topic as a whole, to express his or her attitude to what is being depicted, conveying his or her point of view on the issues of concern in the essay text. The student should be able to collect materials. The main thing that relates to the chosen topic is to comprehend the facts, to transfer your knowledge and feelings. You should also describe the material in the right sequence, make a plan and stick to it in the construction of a coherent text, and, if necessary, change the sequence.

A good writer can select the right words and other language tools and build syntactic constructions. It is worth concentrating on literacy and the rules of grammar (use punctuation marks properly, divide the text into paragraphs). You also need to detect shortcomings and errors in your essay, correct your mistakes, and improve the written text.

Create an Outline

To understand how to start an argumentative essay, you need to devise a plan. Use brainstorming techniques. This means you need to write down all the ideas and arguments in the order you like, no matter is it a chaotic one or not. Try to focus only on the topic of your research; do not be distracted by minor things. Reread your notes after some time, and make an outline based on them. Making an essay plan generates important skills needed to compile your own text (for instance, the ability to state your thoughts consistently, logically, and conclusively). A well-thought-out outline will not allow deviating from the topic and main idea of the work. According to the plan, it should be clear what is the essence of your essay, what its main idea is, what is the evidence system of this thought, and what conclusions you have come to.

Correct Text Structure

The structure of the text is the format that allows the reader to perceive the information contained in it quickly and conveniently. The structure depends on the objectives and the purpose of the text. Do not forget that a good argumentative essay should consist of three main parts. Thinking about the topic of the text, it should be remembered that it could have several directions. The choice should always be specified in the introduction. It will avoid unilateral disclosure of the topic.

Introduction and conclusion are the most important components of any text. Their main properties are as follows: the introduction problematizes the reader and informs him or her of the main topic (idea) that will be discussed, and the conclusion sums up and looks to the future.
In the introduction, you can define the purpose of the statement, that is, to say what the idea of the essay is and how it will be proved (described) in the main part of the paper; report, if necessary, historical, cultural, or other information to help in the disclosure of the topic.

In the process of writing the body of the text, it is important not to deviate from the topic and write according to the plan. You should also observe the proportion of the parts of your essay (for example, the introduction and conclusion together should occupy one fourth of the work, if three arguments are used to prove the idea, then the main part of the essay should consist of three parts, which are roughly equal to each other).
Conclusions present a new idea of a more general nature but emerged on the basis of the arguments of the body of the text. This part of the work draws a line under the whole system of evidence and reports that the idea of the essay is revealed.

Useful Tips

Learn to articulate your position and explain it in the written form. Select strong arguments to confirm your hypothesis and present them correctly. Try to express your thoughts properly.

Avoid direct retelling, the presentation of the material should be commented, aimed at disclosing the topic and proving the main ideas. Use quotes (for example, to prove your thoughts, to refute someone else's opinion in order to provide reasoned visual proof of the right thought, to get acquainted with someone's authoritative opinion, etc.) However, do not forget about the rules of citing.

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