What is the scholarship? This is the amount of money for your education, which is allocated to you by a university, a foundation, or another company. The amount that you are allocated is usually enough to pay for tuition, housing, and meals. However, most importantly, this money does not need to be returned. Naturally, there are a lot of people willing to receive such a scholarship. In most cases, when applying for a scholarship and participation in the competition, the student needs to write an essay.

To begin, devote enough time to writing an essay. This process takes different amounts of time for each person. Someone spends a week on it, and someone spends the whole month. Even if you are confident in your abilities, you should not start writing a scholarship essay the day before the deadline, in a hurry. Such an approach is a failure in advance. It happens candidates who are keen on the process of preparation, forget about the last date of submitting the documents and miss deadlines. Having spent a lot of time and effort to write an essay, do not forget about the deadline for applying for a scholarship.

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As part of the scholarship application process, essay scholarships give applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, abilities, and personal qualities on a positive basis. A well-written paper may be the most convincing part of a statement. That is why enough time and attention should be devoted to writing it.

Read and re-read the essay questions you are asked to identify key topics. It is pivotal to formulate a question. Learn the features and specifics of the scholarship, as well as the organization that provides funding. Determine its goals and values. Highlight this information in short separate paragraphs. You can also go directly to the university or organization that provides scholarships and ask them what should be covered in your paper.

If you find it difficult to start your essay, you can quote or affirm your intended goal; then you can link them to the main text. By showing more knowledge and skills on your subject, you can convince the committee that you are a worthy scholarship candidate.

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Fill your essay with keywords and their synonyms used in the original statement. In this way, you will demonstrate your commitment to addressing the question. In addition to general topics, the scholarship essay may need to answer questions about your field of study, personal accomplishments, experience and influence on you, your future goals, financial needs, etc. To test your ability to solve problems on your own and understand actual problems, the committee may also ask questions about current events and social issues. Most of these questions are designed so that you can demonstrate your motivation, vision, and creativity. These questions will also give you the opportunity to share your most outstanding qualities and abilities.


Having determined the topic of your essay, you should start collecting materials that will serve as the basis for the document. Formulate for yourself a simple question, the answer to which needs to be found in your biography. For example, "How can your experience in the economic field help this area in the future (the area depends on the specialty you want to receive, it can be business, marketing, etc.)?” To answer this question, you need to structure your past experience in the form of a list, a map, or in any other way in order not to miss anything.
Then go to the second part of the question (for example, this is your contribution to the future of the international economy) and your research. Namely, identify existing problems in the international economy and then analyze how your experience will help to cope with them. Put these two pieces in one whole. Moreover, do not forget to be specific.


To get a scholarship, you need to show good, fresh ideas. To do this, identify simple questions to which you need to find answers within your field. During a brainstorming session, be sure to write down all your ideas on paper and in no case do not discard some thoughts right away, you may be able to return to them later. At the end of the brainstorming, you need to highlight the main idea. For doing this, you can again refer to the “questions-answers" technique. Formulate a simple question that reflects the essence of the problem.


Now you need to write a draft version of the work, fixing everything that you have analyzed, remembered, and invented. Avoid complex language; write your story, telling who you are and why you do it all. There must be an understanding that the essay was written by a living person; personalization and a “living language” will play in your favor at the moment when the commission will read your essay. Do not use clichés. Your paper should stand out by vivid, active, exciting speech that will attract a sponsor. The final stage of writing an essay is a mandatory time-out. Leave your work for a while, take your time off (walk, work, read a book). After some time, re-read the essay, highlight those moments that you do not like, and revise the writing.

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Reread the paper to, assess its content by analyzing whether you have taken into account and reported everything in your essay. Think about whether you like it. After completing this task, give the document to another person for evaluation and ask for an honest and complete answer. Do not be afraid of constructive criticism; it can be useful at this stage. You can read good scholarship essay examples in order to understand the structure or logic of writing such a text. Send your application, essay, and all necessary documents as soon as possible. It often happens that the preparation and collection of documents, the work on an essay takes a lot of time and effort. Make sure that the work done is not in vain. Now you know how to write a good scholarship essay.

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