Guide on a capstone project

There are many different types of papers, which you should write during your studying. The thing that is in common is that it is necessary to follow all your paper's requirements and that the process of writing takes a lot of time to write. According to the poll, more than 25 percent of students face difficulties with a capstone project. Reasons are various. Some students do not know how to follow the paper's requirements; others even do not have an idea about what a capstone project is and why they should write it.

What is a capstone project?

A capstone project is a final assignment that you usually have to do when you are a senior year student, or at the end of the course, which you attended.


A capstone project is well-known thanks to its format and size varieties. It can look like a typical academic paper and have a form of a college thesis. However, it can also look like a PPT, short video, long movie, or advertisement shot. The formats and sizes are really various. Mostly, it depends on the subject, course, and your task requirements.

Reasons to write a capstone project

There are a lot of disagreements on the issue why we should do a capstone project. Some people claim that it is more complicated than other types of assignments, while others believe that it is the best way, in which we can check students' knowledge and skills. However, all agree that thanks to the fact that a capstone project has such format and size varieties, students should do even more than usual. A capstone project is a task that encourages students to think critically, cope with their written and oral presentation limits, and improve their hard and soft skills.

Furthermore, it also allows getting new priceless knowledge and experience in team-working, conducting research, and self-education. Many believe that such a task will make students more competent and successful after their graduation. Nowadays, more and more employers pay attention to whether the candidate did a capstone project during his studying or not. They believe that such students can easily find and analyze any type of information and cope with all assignments. Therefore, it means that a capstone project helps you not only to graduate but also to find a job.

Capstone project ideas

The first thing you should do is to choose your topic. Sometimes it may be painful and stressful if you do not know how to do it properly. We highly recommend you to read our advice on this issue.

1. Follow your interests. Of course, your topic will depend a lot on your subject. However, there are no prohibitions to choose the question, which will be related to your subject and will be interesting for you. Therefore, try to follow your interests and search for some ideas on the internet. Also, you can ask your professor to assist you.
2. Team. Usually, students do their projects together. Thus, if you have chosen your topic - choose the team. It means that you should find some people who will also be interested in your capstone project idea. This step is highly essential because your capstone project success depends a lot on how productive you work together.

As we have mentioned, your capstone project topic and interests may depend on what you are studying. Therefore, our experts have gathered the most exciting and attractive capstone project ideas on different subjects: nursing, information technology, computer science, accounting, management and marketing, education and engineering. You may use these capstone project examples and choose one for yourself.

Nursing capstone project ideas

This list of nursing capstone project ideas is even more essential than others because it is related to our health. You may be sure that each of these nursing capstone project ideas is relevant and has high practical value.

-Nursing practice through the real issues.
-Educational programs for healthcare institutions aiming to improve medical service.
-Steps to increase the number of nurses
-The latest diagnostic and treatment tests: pros and cons
-A nurse as a "modern society hero"
-Dealing with severe chronical diseases: world practice
-ADHD: steps to treat and prevent
-Undergoing medical examination: things to improve

Information technology capstone project examples

-Wireless systems and artificial intelligence
-Economic challenges and solutions
-Modern technology and its effect on real life
-Cybersecurity: ways to fight and prevent
-Recognition systems: things to improve
-Testers: people who assist you

Computer science capstone project ideas

-Cyber-attacks and the company's safety
-Automation of the human process as a way to prosperity
-New computer science education programs
-Convex zipper folding and math placement text: reality or myth
-WordNet and surveys system
-Phone applications save your health
-Games as new ways of teaching

Management and marketing capstone project examples

-How to influence consumers: marketing strategies
-Economic issues: franchising system
-Credit vs. cash: surveys
-Suppliers and owners: difficulties and solutions
-Law peculiarities in different countries
-Public customer strategies
-Media: mates and enemies
-Cultural peculiarities and management strategies
-Multinational management tips and tricks
-Diversity and globalization: how to manage
-Shopping habits and customer types
-Online and offline shopping: pros and cons
-International marketing: from the local shop to the network of shops

Accounting capstone project ideas

-Accounting and ethic: pros and cons
-Practical theories and winning strategies for beginners
-Different types of accounting: income and sales, leases, taxes, etc.
-Living without accounting: reality or myth
-New ways of thinking: accounting as an automatic process

Education capstone project examples

-New teaching strategies
-Ways to improve the teacher-student relationship
-How to assess properly
-Traditional and distance learning: pros and cons
-School role: new approaches
-How to encourage students to study
-Ways to break cultural and national boundaries
-How many languages should we learn?
-Cheating and academic integrity: why is it important?
-How to customize our learning process
-Emotional and mental health: conflicts at lessons

Engineering capstone project ideas

-The new global idea of engineering
-Alternative energy sources: solar and wind
-New century building: scheduling and workers
-Car engineering and safety: traffic light detectors
-New technologies in heating system
-How to reduce cost through proper engineering
-Contract: guarantee or fiction.
-Engineering management tips and tricks
-Quality controls of engineering projects
-Customers and providers relationship

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