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When you’re in college, don’t let your independence make you lose your mind. You have to remember the things your Mom always taught you – proper lifestyle, good eating habits, and exercising. You owe those to your body.

Best ways to remain healthy in college

1. Stock up with healthy foods. It should include snacks and meal options. You will need them when you want to eat something but don’t have time or desire to cook. Having such foods with you will also help you choose homemade over fast food. Therefore, stock up on beans, frozen and fresh vegetables, rice, pasta, dry foods, nuts, and similar items. Cook large portions to eat them for several days. If you have limited space in the kitchen, you can chop fruits and veggies to fit more on your shelves. One warning: never stock unhealthy frozen meals and processed snacks. 

2. Check out your campus cafeterias. Cafeterias differ in various campuses, so it’s hard to speak for all of them. Take a look at what is offered at the cafeteria on your campus. Single out the healthiest meal options and see which ones you can eat daily. For instance, it’s great if they cook eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, you can choose the healthiest main dish they serve and opt for veggies for sides. Do you see nothing good for you? Maybe they at least have some baked potatoes? If so, you can eat them once in awhile.  

3. Visit your campus gym. Most likely, you’ll even have free access to it. See what’s available in this gym, what classes they offer and what events take place there. 

4. See free classes offered on your campus. It can be anything – yoga, pilates, ballet, strength training, boxing, and the list goes on. Choose what’s to your taste, try it during the free period and then consider if you want to continue the paid course. 

5. Start your routine early in the morning. When your classes begin, it will be hard for you to concentrate on something else. Therefore, get up early to cook your meals and do your exercise. Of course, it may sound not too appealing to do yoga at 7 a.m., but is there any other time available? Most likely not. And the health benefit you will get from it is totally worth it. Moreover, getting a habit to get up early will also be positive for you. Do you think you’re certainly not a morning person? Okay, if it works for you, do all your cooking and exercise at night. Just make sure that you do it.

Implement our tips to get good habits and make your health stronger!

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