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How to Get Inspiration and What to Do If It’s Lost

How to Get Inspiration and What to Do If It’s Lost

Artists often get asked a question about inspiration. But for some of them, it is difficult to give a definite answer, because most often there is no single thing or action that helps to find inspiration. Actually, there are hundreds of them and they are different for different people! You can achieve some of these things by your effort while other things just come by themselves. It can be a beautiful flower you see in your garden, sunrise or sunset you witnessed the other day, people you meet and talk to, as well as beautiful music, art, lights, shadows, photography, animals, books, traveling, poetry, museums, and nature. Anything from this broad list (that actually doesn’t end here) can make you inspired.

Now let’s see how you can find inspiration in the moment of need!

• Let’s say you think that traveling can help you, but at the moment you can’t go travel anywhere. What can you do? Let Google be your friend! Find images and videos of the countries you’d like to visit to get inspiration and look them through when you need some extra charging. It can surely give you some new thoughts.

• You can use other people’s works (such as books and poetry) for your inspiration, but remember that you only need them to get your creativity flowing. As soon as they do, proceed with creating your own piece of art.

• Keep the challenge and don’t let yourself get bored. If you paint, mix the colors you’ve never mixed before and experiment with different shapes. If you write, try the style you’ve never used before. You got the point.

• Listening to the music is a great way to concentrate and get into the creative flow. Find the music that inspires you and make your special inspiration playlist. You can even create several playlists for different kinds of mood to keep yourself going no matter what.

• In case you still don’t feel inspired, listen to what your body tells you. Maybe all you need is a little time out? Try to realize it when you’ve become mentally drained and need to just switch off from your activity. Stop thinking what your next step is. Make an attempt to shift your focus to something else. You’ll see, when you come back to your activity, you will feel rejuvenated and inspired!

• If nothing works, just stop. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t criticize yourself too much. Maybe it’s just not your day today. Relax, take it easy and get some rest. Start again tomorrow. I hope that these inspiration tips will help you attain the inspiration when you need it and create the most beautiful art ever!

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