How Many Words Should a Cover Letter Be

Getting started with a cover letter, you should now that it usually takes up to one page A4 on average. This is the first and basic requirement for a cover letter. But what is next and what are the other necessary requirements to remember? To speak generally, it should be more comprehensive than your CV and at the same moment you have to keep it clear and concise. Otherwise, it will look more like an autobiography. Can you just imagine a recruiter receiving one?

What is the purpose of a cover letter?

A cover letter is an essential part of any application. You do not have to include the cover letter only if it is clearly stated in a job requirement that it is not needed, while mostly all the hiring managers would like to get the one to get to know about an employee more.

What should a cover letter include?

This written piece is aimed at several things:
• Presenting your personality.
• Putting forward the type of the position you would like to get.
• Telling how the skills and experience you have acquired previously will come to your aid in the job you are applying for.
• Evoking interest and motivating to read your resume further.

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The cover letter should end with an appeal for action, for instance, expressing a desire to receive an invitation for an interview.
Judging from the functions that the cover letter performs, it is a crucial thing for any employee. It introduces you as a professional in the field who is worth being recruited.

It may seem that composing one page is not that difficult, but there are many problems that you may face on your way. Many doubts concern the question of the length of the writing. On the one hand, if you make it short, a manager might assume that a position is not that important for you and you do not bother too much to create a fully-pledged cover letter. On the other, if a piece is overlong, an employer will not spend much time on reading it.

Below are more tips on how to complete a powerful cover letter.
When you are not sure whether to send a cover letter or not
The data on employment process collected by Saddleback College states that more than 50% of recruiters tell that they request cover letters. About the third part told that they give a choice to an employee.
If there are no specific preferences and you show your initiative adding the one, it multiplies the chances that you will stand out from the crowd and will be noticed. So, we advise you to omit to submit the letter only if you are warned that you are not required to do that.

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What is the right length for a cover letter?

Should be a page fully covered or is it better to reduce the number of words in it? Most importantly, do not exceed the limit of one page. It should cast light on your qualifications that are necessary for a job. What is more, it should represent the characteristics that the employer may be looking for.

As a matter of a fact, brevity is the best feature for this writing. It was estimated that approximately 70% of recruiters wanted to receive cover letters that would be below one page. Nearly 20% of employers suggested that shorter ones are easier to perceive.
The carried out survey brought in the following information:
• 12.6% would like to get a full page.
• 43.7% would prefer to receive half of a page.
• 19.5% have no special requirements for their employees.
• 24.1% think that the shorter a cover letter is, the better it is.

How to format a written piece?

Formatting is also a serious step in the process of writing a cover letter. When opting for a font, pay attention to Verdana, Arial, and Times New Roman as far as they are the most legible. The size should be 12 points. Align your text to the left and make the 1-inch margin.
We strongly advise to leave some free space between the paragraphs and before or after the salutation. Having this purpose, you may use a rule of a thumb. It will definitely work for you, and a reader will easier comprehend a text. You may check it by giving a printed version of the paper to somebody from your family or friends to read and estimate.

Applying for a job is a quite responsible moment, so you should bear in mind some crucial details in this process. Completing a cover letter, do not concentrate too much on the word count but think of the way the information is presented on a paper. Remember that formatting is as weighty as the information introduced. Do your best and find a way with your employer.

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