History Essay

A history essay can be an enjoyable and valuable project for students who love the study of man’s story on this planet. At the high school level, students generally study world and American history as whole courses and are often given the option of selecting a specific movement, an historical figure, or a period of time as the topic for a researched history essay. At the university level, history courses offer greater depth, and thus one course may only cover a small period of time. A student might, for example, spend an entire semester on the U.S. Civil War or the Renaissance. A history essay at this level will necessarily include much more specific research from expert historians in that topic area. Graduate school reduces history majors to certain periods or movements even further, and a Master’s or Ph.D. candidate will focus solely on that aspect of our story and engage in primary research of original sources. A history essay, then, can be rather basic or highly specialized, dependent upon the level of study and, of course, the student’s major field of study.

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