December 15, 2011 in Ideas for Essays

Health Essay

The health of an individual, indeed, the entire human race, has become a complicated and continually evolving subject for research and discussion. As man continues to inhabit this planet, his life span continues to increase, but the quality of that increased life span is directly impacted by personal and environmental health. These two forms of health have been and will continue to be inexorably linked, and man will only be as healthy as his environment is.

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The academic study of health falls into several distinct categories, and in any one of these content areas, students may be asked to produce a health essay or paper which demonstrates mastery of some aspect of the course curriculum. A health essay may at first appear to be less complicated than one for other courses, but the student will soon find that, no matter what the topic, there is a significant amount of research and documentary material on that topic, and sifting through it all to locate those that are current and the most relevant will be a time consuming task.

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The topic for a health essay may be a fully student choice, or, particularly at the university level, will be somewhat determined by the specific course content. For example, a high school student may select to produce a health essay on the effects of smoking or on sexually-transmitted diseases. For the pre-med student, however, the topic may be related to a specific genetic disorder. Still, for the environmental science student, a health essay topic might relate to the recent radiation exposure caused by the tsunami-damaged nuclear plant in Japan; the student of international relations may create an essay or paper related to biological/chemical warfare. Health, then, crosses many curricular areas.

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