Harvard Essay

Students looking to complete the admissions process for any college or university will be looking at the creation of one or more essays. Students looking toward admission to Harvard University will be looking at the Harvard essay requirement, a major factor in the admissions decision. Why is this Harvard essay so critical? Because all students applying to Harvard share every other admission requirement in common! They have extremely high ACT or SAT scores, high scores on two SAT subject area tests, superior secondary grades, a history of participation in a wide variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and organizations, and teacher recommendations that present these students as nothing less than stellar in every way. How, then, does an admissions committee select among these applicants when there are far more than they can possibly admit? The single remaining factor is the Harvard essay, comprised of pre-determined topics that change each year. For example, one year a Harvard essay assignment was to compose an essay on the individual who has most influenced the applicant’s life.

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Through the Harvard essay, the admissions committee is evaluating several things about a potential member of its student body. First, it is attempting to gain insight into the candidate’s beliefs, values and principles; second, it is attempting to determine if the candidate has the potential to contribute to the university community as a whole; third, the committee is looking carefully at the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively, creatively and, of course, with appropriate grammatical structure and language usage. This is a “tall order” for an already stressed and nervous applicant.

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If you are currently in the application process for Harvard or any other university, you need to understand how important your admissions essays are, and this is one writing assignment that you must get “right” the first time! If you have any concerns about your ability to produce a fully exceptional piece, then you need to seek professional assistance from a true expert – one who can assist you in creating a custom piece that highlights your accomplishments, your values, your goals, and your potential contributions to an academic community. Many students look to personal friends or family members, but it is often a better idea to find an objective expert – one who can help develop your essay(s) from the point of view of an admissions committee. You should consider using an online academic writing service that has a reputation for excellence in providing admissions essays for students applying to all types of colleges, universities, graduate programs, and professional schools. That service is Qualityessay.com. If you have never used a writing service before, you are probably unaware that there are literally hundreds of them, all hoping that you will buy an essay, paper or other academic work from them. You are also unaware that the majority of these so-called services are rather fraudulent - providing poor quality at a cheap price. You need to know that a truly professional agency will not prepare a college admissions essay for $10 a page. A professional writer will not work for this amount.

At Qualityessay.com, we take a completely individualized approach to admissions essay development. First, we analyze the specific need. For which colleges or universities are the essays being written? How many are involved and what are the specific topics? Only then do we assign the most highly qualified professional writer to work with the student as the essay(s) is produced. Writer and student collaborate throughout the entire process, and the finished product showcases the student in the best possible light, with an essay that is brilliantly written. If you believe that professional assistance will benefit your admissions essay(s) task, contact us today!

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