Guidelines for Writing a Chaucer Essay

Geoffrey Chaucer, a well known 14th century poet, diplomat, bureaucrat courtier and a philosopher is well known by most students, particularly with the students of literature. He is till date looked upon as father of English Literature. Of all his writings, Canterbury Tales are very famous and a widely read book. Though, it is an incomplete narrative it is widely acclaimed. The difference between the vernacular English, French and Latin is what is well brought in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

Writing an essay on Chaucer is quite a common task assigned by the teachers.

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Though, not easy, it is quite interesting. This topic is one such topic, which no English literature students can escape from. Geoffrey Chaucer is in itself a very vast topic. Of the following topics, you can choose any as a topic for your essay: • Achievements of Chaucer. • Life of Chaucer • Linguistic and literary of Chaucer • Chaucer's English • Monuments and tribute to Chaucer • Major works of Chaucer • Short poems of Chaucer • Chaucer's age and its background

It is quite easy to collect loads of material on Chaucer. In almost every library there are volumes of book on Chaucer and even it is widely available on internet.

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Try and collect as much information as possible so as to widen your understanding. You can find various essays on Chaucer and his works at various literary sites. It would really be appreciable if you look out for the Chaucer's original findings and cite them in the essay.

The language of Chaucer texts has been a problem since ages. Many critics and linguistics have tried their hands at this issue, but still there remains a lot to explore. So, make sure the language, grammar, punctuations, spellings and sentence construction is perfect.

This will impress the readers and help you fetch good grades.

The structure of a Chaucer essay is more or less same as that of any other essay. A nice introduction, a detailed body and a logical conclusion are a must for a writing a good essay. Flow and unity are the two keywords for the success of an essay. Make sure that the essay is well interconnected and does not look like bits and pieces put together.

Try and give information in an interesting manner. Don't make the essay sound boring or repetitive. This hampers the grades and interests of the speaker to a great extent.

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If you feel stuck at some point, never hesitate to look out for an advice from your seniors or the teacher concerned. In case, you fell writing a Chaucer essay, is beyond your reach, look out for some professionals. They promise to write a structured and an original essay. For writing the essay, they charge a very nominal fee.

But make sure you; don't always seek out for professional help. Don't let yourself be handicapped by this external help. Essays are to strengthen your understanding and give you an insight of a particular topic.

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