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The Expository Essay

The expository essay of a particular subject is different and more complex than the response or evaluation essay. It involves a deeper explanation and clarification on the different aspects of the subject. There are different methods in exposing the nature of a subject, whether a person, a thing, a place or an event. The expository essay can be done through an analysis, a definition, an explanation of a process, a comparison, a demonstration of a cause and effect correlation, and a justification basing on the information that is presented.

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When writing the expository essay of a particular topic, there should be an objective and broad presentation of information about it. It should not contain the writer’s personal view or opinion, but rather the factual information about the topic. It is best to provide detailed information on the topic with supporting facts and data that explain the information further. The main objective of the expository essay is to present all gathered facts about the topic and clarify problematic areas of the information. It is comparable to how a teacher introduces a new idea to a class of freshmen who do not have any idea on the topic; the expository essay aims to explain in a clear and precise manner the topic that is being exposed to the reader.

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When writing an expository essay, it is helpful to choose from existing essays and decide on which one is appealing and motivating enough to start a new essay on. Once you have chosen your topic, you should write and check the different parts of the essay many times to make sure all facts and ideas are stated clearly without any indistinguishable data or knowledge. It is also imperative to check the spelling and grammar used in the whole essay, as there is no place for errors. An expository essay should be flawless and well-structured, so as to become interesting in the eyes of professionals who will probably read the essay. Revisions are necessary to ensure perfection and precision throughout the writing. An effective way to check whether your essay is well-written is by reciting it and listening whether every word sounds right and is fit for the whole structure. There should not be superfluous words that may only bore and mislead the readers. The best essay contains a variety of words rather than a repetition of terms. All punctuation marks should be used correctly basing on the sentence structure and use. In the end, it is the revision that will shape your essay into an effective piece of writing.

On the other hand, an expository essay should start with an attention grabbing statement of question. With the use of significant statistics and facts about the topics, you can create the most noticeable introductory statement that will entice readers into reading of you your essay. When revising your first rough copy, check for grammatical and spelling errors, and then assess the essay in terms of directness and clarity. The thesis should have an obvious connection to all the important points in your essay. Also make sure that aside from the precision of your presentation of facts, the expository essay should be written in the proper format.

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