Explanation Essay

An explanation essay is perhaps one of the first types of essays students write when they begin to learn the essay writing process. Often, a young student may be asked to read a short selection or be given a famous quotation and then asked to write an explanation of what it means. The explanation essay is more objective than most, for students are not asked to compare/contrast, to be persuasive, or to give their personal opinions about events, situations, or a reading selection.

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An explanation essay can be compared to the type of writing a new reporter may write. In this type of writing, objective questions are generally answered (who, what, where, when, how), without personal evaluation or judgment. For example, a history student may be asked to write an explanation essay on the conflict between Pakistan and India. In this instance, the student may need to do a bit of research on the historical development of the conflict and then cover the unresolved issues related to this conflict. Again, the student is not asked to “take a side” or to express an opinion. If you are assigned any type of explanation essay and find the topic uninteresting or do not have the time to complete it effectively, feel free to contact the best online academic writing service – Qualityessay.com. Here, you are able to buy a professionally written and completely original essay or paper on any topic and for any purpose. If research is required, it will be authentically conducted and appropriately referenced within the text of the work. If there are specific, custom instructions, they will be followed, and your order will be delivered by your deadline requirement – no exceptions! Qualityessay.com is not as cheap as most other services, because Qualityessay.com does not use inferior writers or databases of pre-sold academic works. Every piece is created for the individual client and written from scratch.

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