The Evaluation Essay

The evaluation essay commonly given to students as an academic requirement for different academic levels is basically a writing that aims to provide an objective assessment of a certain topic or subject. From the word evaluation itself, this type of essay is based on the judgment or evaluation of a thing or an action. It requires an in depth analysis and sufficient knowledge regarding the subject being evaluated. The evaluation essay on a particular subject depends on factual evidences that support personal opinions or viewpoints. In order to know whether a topic is fit for your capabilities in evaluating, there should be a review of related facts and data. Whether or not a particular topic or subject passed your evaluation, the implications should be stated clearly in the essay.

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In this case, the evaluation essay of any subject must be done with a definite rating system for such thing, event or person. The rating system, regardless of which is given more importance or value, should basically comprise the criteria for the evaluation. Depending on your preference or the purpose of the essay, you can evaluate a subject basing on the qualitative or quantitative factors. In layman’s terms, you can evaluate a certain event, thing, person or action based on its quality or quantity. It is just important that the rating system and the criteria for judgment is based on objective reasoning and not one’s personal opinion. It should clearly follow the criteria for evaluation.

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When writing the evaluation essay of a particular subject, the writer should introduce in a precise and accurate and straight to the point. The introduction can consist of a little bit of history, the creators or inventors, a few quotations from them regarding the subject and some significant and relevant facts that will later on be discussed in the body of the evaluation essay. Following the introduction part of the evaluation essay would be the presentation of the criteria for evaluation from objective bases. It should be an assessment with supporting facts and data, which makes the subjective objective. It does not end in saying that a subject is good or bad; it presents relative ideas and information that will prove the correctness of the evaluation. In writing your essay, you should create an outline which includes the comparison of the subject to other similar ones. You can also compare your evaluation with other people’s assessments to give a more evenhanded presentation.

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After working on the body of the essay, summarize the different aspects in which the topic meets the criteria that you use in evaluating. Carefully discuss the points of assessment and expound on the underlying reason why each one is met or not. Once the evaluation essay is completed, the reader should have an idea about the subject, and have inkling on whether or not the subject or topic is suitable for him or her. Even if the reader has different criteria for judging the subject, he or she should have an overview of what it is and how others see it.

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