Ethics Essay

Ethics is a hugely broad field and encompasses virtually every field of academic and professional study. In philosophy courses, for example, a student will study the historical development of ethical thought; in any business program, there will be a course on ethics; doctors, lawyers, accountants, teachers, scientists, journalists, computer specialists, psychologists, and social workers all must study the ethics of their professions as a part of their degree and/or licensing programs. Standards of ethics are often set by law, but, in actual practice, are governed by professional associations. Ethics is also a fluid field. As new developments occur in professions, “rules” of ethics change as well.

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If you have been assigned and ethics essay or ethics research paper, you have some work ahead of you. First, you must understand the purpose of the ethics essay. Are you to simply research what others in the field say; are you to compile statistics and data; or are you to use your research to establish a personal opinion and support it with factual information and data? Of course, any ethics essay will involve controversy, because there is wide disagreement of field practitioners on important topics. Consider, for example, the case of Terry Schivo, whose husband wished to remove her from life support and whose family and religious leaders opposed. Even Congress attempted to become involved in this highly publicized case! Consider as well the ethical questions surrounding lending institutions approving mortgage loans for individuals they knew could not truly afford those mortgages. The impact of their actions created a national financial “meltdown.”

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The biggest problem for student who must produce an ethics essay generally revolves around organizing the material in a clear and coherent manner, so that the reader can understand all of the sub-issues involved and form some type of conclusion him/herself. The factual data must be presented as objectively as possible and yet, as well, lend a position that the author has taken. It is easy to get “bogged down” or frustrated as one attempts to construct an ethics essay or paper that is logical and sound.

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