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Essay Writing Tips A good teacher will begin to build a strong foundation for students when teaching and preparing them for how to write a good essay. If this foundation is sound then as the student moves onward into higher education, the process will not seem to be a task that is insurmountable. The first thing the teacher might do when introducing essay writing to her students is to provide some reliable and positive essay writing tips that can be followed and used forever.

Once the teacher has introduced the topic to the student many steps in the decision making process will need to be made.

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If the student learns these steps and follows them every time an essay is assigned he will learn to write with skill and purpose on a continuing basis with these essay writing tips: Start the project as soon as possible. Waiting until the last minute to begin a project will most assuredly set the student up for failure.

Make certain the assignment has been understood and the instructions are perfectly clear. This enhances the ability to start formulating a plan.

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There is a saying that fits perfectly and that is ‘plan your work and then work your plan’. Do this every time and success will be on the horizon.

Take the assignment and determine the topic.

Make notes of thoughts and the direction the topic needs to take.

Do research and formulate a thesis statement regarding this direction.

Begin an outline that will ultimately be the game plan for writing the essay.

Take the research and begin to develop the body of the topic in relation to the thesis.

Write an introduction statement and follow through in order to segue into the main body Take the information introduced and the information in the body to make a supporting conclusion which ties up the topic.

Always proofread the essay.

NEVER turn in an incomplete essay.

Allowing yourself plenty of time to develop ideas and main points is the crux to writing a good essay paper. Following these essay writing tips on a regular basis will allow the student to begin to look forward to writing essays instead of being in fear of them.

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Writing is a form of communication and once learned can be the key to opening doors during the education process as well as professionally in later years. To be exact, learning to write effectively is a make or break ability when it comes to communication. Once the student has gone through the graduation process and begins to look for his place in the working world, he will be expected to provide a personal statement for many job applications. This will require the ability to write clearly and precisely so that they can set themselves apart from any other job applicants.

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