Essay Types

Essay Types When a teacher assigns the task of writing an essay, he will often give the student a specific essay type to use. However, there will be times, especially after the class has been taught different essay types, that the teacher will give the students open rein on which essay type they would like to use in writing the essay assignment.

Quite often the topic will generate great thought into how the student wants to compose the essay. The first thing the student will do is to take the topic and think about different essay types available and then determine the direction and develop a plan accordingly.

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These are some of the common essay types from which to choose: Comparison and Contrast - The writer will take an essay topic, for instance modes of transportation and compare and contrast them in the essay. When comparing them, the writer will find things that are similar and when contrasting them, he will emphasize their differences.

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This can be accomplished by taking point by point and doing it in an alternating fashion or taking the topic and doing a paragraph on each.

Persuasive - Here the writer wants his audience to take a specific position on a topic. He has to make a claim and then back it up with expert information and perhaps statistics or other forms of evidence. These types of essays can be a lot of fun to write as the subject matter is sometimes quite controversial such as abortion, religion, homosexual marriage and such.

Descriptive - Simply put, this type of essay describes to the reader the who, what, when, how and why of the topic. These topics are usually quite general but can be narrowed down to specific parts of the whole.

Narrative - Usually this type of essay is based on an experience and is told in a story form. It can be as simple as writing a story about how one spent a summer vacation to describing an experience that taught a lesson such as trying smoking and finding out how ill it can make a person.

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Evaluation - Somewhat like the persuasive essay type, but uses a point of view and analysis to evaluate something like a book or movie.

If the teacher gives the student the decision to choose the essay type, then after the topic has been decided, use the understanding of the different essay types to generate a well written and interesting paper.

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