Essay Thesis

Essay Thesis When a student is assigned an essay writing project, the teacher will either give the topic to the class or allow the class to choose an area of interest from which to write. The teacher might ask the student to develop an essay thesis based on using a narrative or perhaps using a compare and contrast method of writing the essay.

As the student prepares his essay, he must map out exactly what he wants the essay to say from the introduction of the subject to the conclusion.

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Each of these parts of the essay will present the essay thesis and the this thesis or statement will take some type of stand regarding the direction of the paper.

Example of a strong essay thesis statement: The use of banana herb tea supplements can cause immediate weight loss that affects muscle and body mass which causes the user to think they are losing weight in a healthy manner when in fact it is potentially very dangerous.

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This statement takes a stand that the herb tea is dangerous.

Because the essay thesis statement is strong, it will ultimately justify discussion. If the assignment is to write an essay on kinship systems, the comparison and contrast way might generate great discussion regarding this subject.

Example of a strong essay thesis statement that justifies discussion: In many countries marriage cannot be allowed if the two parties share common blood ancestors however there are countries who believe these marriages actually reinforce kinship relationships.

This statement introduces societal contradictions and allows for discussion from different viewpoints.

A strong essay thesis statement can be expressed in one main idea. When developing this statement, the use of words such as because, since, so, although, unless and however strengthen the idea.

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Example of a strong central idea: Since the internet provides incredible marketing potential, all companies should take advantage of this vehicle by development of web pages that provide both advertising capability and customer support to their users.

Ultimately, the essay thesis will be the hinge that allows for the paper to be fluid. Making the essay thesis a strong statement that justifies discussion and allows for strength with central idea will maintain direction and continuity in writing an essay.

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