Essay Subjects

Essay Subjects Beginning in junior high or roughly around age 12, students will be required to write essays. It will begin at a very simple level where the teacher will give the students a simple choice of essay subject from which to choose. Normally these subjects will be along the lines of ‘how I spent my summer’ or ‘why should people neuter their pets’ or even ‘what do I want to be when I grow up’. At times the teacher will assign a specific essay subject for all entire class.

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The complexity of essay subjects will continue to increase as the student grows older and more learned in how to structure and write all different types of essays. Although the essay subject can be chosen by the student, the specifics might be assigned such as to the broadness of the essay. If the student were to choose basketball as the essay subject, the teacher will ask the student to narrow the subject to a particular aspect such as implementing the pick and roll move during play.

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Generally, the teacher might ask the student to select a topic subject to approval to make certain the subject matter is appropriate. If the teacher assigns a broad topic such as conflict, it will be up to the student to narrow the thought down to different kinds of conflict and choose a way to present it in an essay.

This could include wars, personal conflict, religious conflict or any other kind of conflict.

Once the essay subject has been chosen and narrowed down to the precise subtopic to be written about, the student can begin to do research. In this day and age there are myriad ways to access resources such as the world wide web via the internet, libraries and the students own ideas regarding the subject.

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The essay subject is just one aspect of writing a paper. Once the topic or thesis statement has been determined, it is imperative that he student follow the same guidelines every time he writes an essay. He will formulate an outline and prepare the paper to follow the outline. Because of the outline, the student should never lose site of the essay subject and be capable of following the map he has set out for writing a good paper.

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