Essay Structure

Essay Structure The structure of an essay is often the most critical part of the project. By the time a student enters college level education, it is expected that he knows how to write many different kinds of essays and how to structure them accordingly. There are many guides to help a student if his secondary education failed to prepare him for college level writing.

Essay structure is important and should really be learned in secondary education. When the student enters college he should have a good grasp of how to structure any kind of essay whether it be one page or twenty pages in length.

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There are several different kinds of essays but at the end of the day, structure is structure. There is an introduction, body and conclusion. Sometimes the introduction and conclusion will consist of merely one paragraph and sometimes they will take pages depending on the length and breadth of the paper.

When determining the structure of the paper assigned, begin by building an outline which is a roadmap for writing the paper. There needs to be a comment regarding the topic or prompt of the essay.

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The essayist needs to try to direct the reader by explaining what the topic is, how it is going to be covered and the main points that will be included. Normally the introduction is considered to be about 5% of the entire essay.

The next part of the essay structure is called the body. This is where the essayist expounds on the points made in the introduction. He may chose to argue a point by trying to persuade the reader, tell a narrative, or compare and contrast points by including examples and even illustrations.

Each of the points made will be a separate paragraph as part of the essay structure with each developing an idea about the topic.

A writer can use essay structure by taking the topic and using one paragraph in the body to discuss cause and the next to show effect. If the topic and introduction provides that the paper will be a contrast and comparison paper, this is a great way to demonstrate that structure.

In some essays it is necessary to provide an analysis and statistical data about the topic.

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One of the paragraphs could be used for illustrations and graphs. The evidence or argument can be provided with the research found which supports the thesis.

The final part of structuring an essay is the conclusion. This part of the essay structure ties up the supportive paragraphs and reiterates the topic. The conclusion finishes with the thesis statement and argument presented. No matter what kind of essay is assigned, the structure remains the same. Once a student can take a topic or prompt and develop a thesis sentence, then the outline becomes easy to develop.

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